Team:Botchan Lab Tokyo/Collaborations

Human & Practice


Japan meetup

On March 30th we hosted a Japan meetup. We had discussions using ZOOM with participants from universities such as Gifu University, Waseda University, Kyoto Sangyo University, The University of Tokyo, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Kyushu University, and Tokyo Metropolitan University. We also invited ambassadors RyoNiwa, Dorothy Zhang, and Kaavya Ashok. We discussed the team’s plans for this year's projects, feedback on them, how they should be managed, the impact of COVID-19, and what to do in the future. Dorothy talked about some update form iGEM regarding COVID-19 and some online tools. All the teams were not able to conduct experiments due to COVID-19, and we didn't know if the iGEM would even take place, but this meetup was held in the midst of a lot of anxiety, so it was very good to know what we can do now and to get rid of that anxiety. This meetup has helped us to work on projects in a positive way. We also thought that many teams would be hosting their first online meetup this year, so we created a report on the experience and posted it on our website to help other teams.

Japan summer meetup

On August 28, our team took part in iGEM Japan Summer Meetup hosted by Waseda university. This meetup was held using online tool. There were team Waseda, team KAIT_Japan, team Qdai, iGEM Alumni, all japan team PI, and guests. We gave a presentation and discussed the project with participants. Our team got so much advice. This meetup was good opportunity to think our project from a new point of view. Some speakers who specialize in Human Practice and entrepreneurship were invited and gave a lecture. Also, future iGEMers joined this meetup and presented next year’s project.

iGEM video collaboration

We joined video collaboration planed by TU Delft iGEM team. They planed to make an informative video that show many iGEM team’s projects and amazing things we can achieve with synthetic biology. The video’s aim is to show people how many problems can be tackled through synthetic biology. We made and sent the video to show the problem we are solving and the way we are doing this. TU Delft team made final product and we shared it using SNS. We appreciate team TU Delft’s giving chance of video collaboration. Thank you!