Team:Botchan Lab Tokyo/Partnership



We made a relation of partnership between “Botchan_Lab_Tokyo” and Japan iGEM team “Waseda”. Here we show the result of it.

First, we explain the details, how did we collaborative work inform and work together throughout the season.
In earlier this season, we started to consider that we could collaborate with each other project. Thereafter we had some regular meetings to talk and to give advice about each project. In addition to this, we had some chance to talk about each project with other Japan iGEM teams. That was Japan meetup hosted by Botchan_Lab_Tokyo on March 30th, and Japan summer meetup hosted by Waseda on August 28th. If you want to know about the detail, please click the link below. After that, each of us carried out to make plan to validated to each project. One is Waseda experiment to cell-free system for applied test of their system which planned for this year project by using Botchan_Lab_Tokyo project. Another one is, Botchan_Lab_Tokyo verify their gene circuit could run, what planned for this year project.

Link of Japan meetup and Japan summer meetup is here.

From here, we explain how each team got the benefit from this partnership.
Botchan_Lab_Tokyo could not access to our wet lab, by the effect of COVID-19, since March. So, we decided to request of Waseda that they did experiment by using their cell-free system. We thought that using cell-free system is better way than using cell system. Because Waseda explained us that, cell-free system could work and test specific pathway without the effect of another metabolic process.
The benefit for Botchan_Lab_Tokyo is to get a chance to verify their gene circuit could run. This year, we had no wet lab space to do it, so that is a great for us.
Waseda established cell-free system in this year project. And they success to confirm their gene circuit normally. So, they want to know, their system could work normally by using another gene and to get the feedback of their system. To use gene circuit which made by Botchan_Lab_Tokyo, was a good way to reach their goal.
The benefit for Waseda, they could get a relationship to do applied test of cell-free system, they established this year.
Furthermore, we will be able to start verification by using cell-free system by Waseda. We hope, we will be able to get a better result for each team and look to it.