Team:Botchan Lab Tokyo/Implementation


Proposed implementation

What we want to achieve with this project is to add new value to the cigarette butts that are now just garbage. If we can achieve this, we will be able to reduce littering cigarettes, and eliminate the burden on the environment. We planned to create a system to convert nicotine contained in cigarette butts into useful substances. Therefore, we considered how to utilize this system. We have come up with several ways to implement our project in the real world.

Put the created bacteria in the ashtray of the smoking area

We put bacteria which we created in the ashtray. The bacteria converted nicotine contained in cigarette butts into 2,5-dihydroxypyridine. The big merit of this system is that 2,5-dihydroxypyridine is generated constantly. However, this system has a problem with steady growth of the bacteria. In addition, there are restrictions on taking out the genetically modified product. The system putting the created bacteria in the ashtray has many problems.

Turn cigarette butts into recyclable waste

Currently, cigarette butts are incinerated. However, cigarette butts have the potential to produce useful substances. If our system is achieved, cigarette butts will become very valuable things. Our system will change people’s mind. They will consider cigarette butts as recyclable waste.

To prevent littering

Littering cigarettes butts have negative impact for the environment. We would like to consider preventing littering. We will make and put up a poster telling usefulness of cigarette butts. We believe that if people find the usefulness of cigarette butts, they will not litter cigarettes. Still, it will be difficult to completely stop littering. So, we would like to cooperate with volunteer groups to collect and utilize littered cigarette butts. In fact, when we talked to some volunteer groups about our project, they gave us positive reaction about providing the collected cigarette butts. The more people know about our project, the more active this action will be.