Team:CSU CHINA/Attributions



1.Team members

Wet Lab

Name Responsible Helped
Hao Zhou Project Design, Experiment(E.coli),Data Analyze, Part Upload Wiki Editing, Team Collaborations, Human Practices
Ziwen Chen Project Design, Experiment, Keynote and Presentation Wiki Editing, Team Collaborations
Tianyuan Xie Project Design, Experiment (synechocystis) , Finance Wiki Editing
Haoran Hu Project Design, Experiment (synechocystis),Data Analyze, Part Upload Wiki Editing
Junxi Liao Article Writing Wiki Editing
Enyou Si Article Writing Wiki Editing

Human Practices

Name Responsible Helped
Mingyu Liang Human Practices (Hospital/Government), Presentation, Education & Science Communication, Venue Rental, Project Design, Organize Team Building, Liaison to 2020 iGEM Teams, Liaison to Sponsors, Meetups Host, Team Recruited, Promotional Video, Article Writing Wiki Editing, Translation, Media
Runyu Lyu Article Writing, Conference Record, Promotional Video, Education (Small molecular online courses), Middle School Progaganda Wiki Editing, Media Operation and Management
Dongni Hung Human Practices (Farmers/Company), Middle School Propaganda, Organize Team Building, Social Investigation, Soil sampling, Design Questionnaire Wiki Editing
Yuyang Peng Human Practices (Experts/Company), Social Investigation (Visit Sewage Treatment Plant), Education(Middle School Propaganda) Wiki Editing
Yaxian You Social Investigation, Middle School Propaganda, Organize Team Building Wiki Editing
Xiangyu Chen Translation and Expression, Promotional Video Wiki Editing, Presentation
Jiayi Pan Media Operation and Management, Photography, Article Writing Wiki Editing
Wang Danyang Article Writing, Conference Record Wiki Editing


Name Responsible Helped
Yanzhe Zhang Model, Project Design, Timer Presentation, Retrieval
Jialong Ruan Model Establishment Physical Simulation
Xianghe Wang Model Establishment Wiki editing
Kelvin Li Virtual Screening Wiki editing, Presentation slides, Retrieval
Linhu Xiao Molecule Dynamics Simulation Establishment improvement
Li Tao Statistics Stochastic process


Name Responsible Helped
Haonan Zhou Head of the art group,Project design, Scientific illustration,Promotion video,Wiki design Team LOGO,Poster design
Jiayu Chen Team LOGO, Poster design, HP pamphlets,Promotional illustration,Wiki design Wiki illustration,Presentation illustration
Siqi Chen Scientific illustration,Promotional illustration Promotion video,Wiki illustration,Presentation illustration,Poster illustration
Ma Lina HP animation None
Yao Xiao Promotion video,HP animation,Presentation video,Promotional illustration Wiki illustration,Presentation illustration


Jufang Huang

Thanks Dr. Huang for providing a comfortable scientific research environment and fully supporting us to complete the project.

Shanni Li

Thanks Dr. Li for his generous financial support and for solving a series of logistical problems for us.

Jiada Li

Thanks to Dr. Li for opening his lab for our experiments and providing guidance for our project throughout the process, including project design, wiki and presentation.

Jie Li

Thanks Dr. Li for his instruction in the design of our project and for providing us with an experimental platform

Chiyu Li

Thanks to Dr. Li for instructing our project design and experimental design


Thanks to Xiangyu Li, Yufan Dong, Bin Zhang, Danyang Wang, Xutong Guo for their excellent advice at all stages of the project and for facilitating the progress of the project.

4.Helping Hands

Thanks to Xia Zanxian's Lab of School of Life Sciences, Central South University for providing reagents, consumables and equipment for our experiment.

5.Thanks to…

We would like to thank all the sponsors for their generous funding and helpful guidance. Their sponsorship allows us to gain a lot from participating in the iGEM competition.

Central South University,located in Changsha City, Hunan Province, is a national key university directly under the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, ranked in the country’s “World-class University Construction University A”. Without the generous support of our Central South University and the School of Life Sciences, our project would not be able to proceed. Thanks to Professor He Hailun and Professor Xia Zanxian from School of Life Sciences, Central South University for providing reagents and instruments.

SnapGene Viewer is a revolutionary software that allows molecular biologists to create, browse and share annotated DNA sequence files up to 1 Gbp. With SnapGene, annotating features in DNA sequences becomes easy.

SnapGene provided us with a license to use its software during the iGEM competition, which provided a lot of help for our plasmid design.

Thank you, XMU-China! The online communication between XMU-China and our team is very unforgettable. The team found an effective way to remove toxic chemicals in agricultural products. Based on the introduction of the project, we have enhanced mutual understanding. We make it possible to exchange ideas and information. The toxin-antitoxin system designed by XMU-China has inspired us a lot!

Thank you, NUDT CHINA, for the in-depth cooperation with our team! NUDT CHINA held online and offline meetings with us. The experimental group and the modeling group exchanged project progress and future plans. We have obtained deeper cooperation, such as borrowing experimental instruments such as atomic absorption spectrophotometers, sharing laboratories, using testing tools, conducting education and publicity together, exchanging questionnaires and analysis, modeling, art, and HP, experiments, etc. The aspects are closely connected, promote each other, and make progress together.

Xiangya Hospital Central South University was founded in 1906. It is located in Changsha, a famous city of Chu and Han, with a rich culture. It is one of the earliest western medicine hospitals in China. Thanks to Dr. Luo Wei from Xiangya Hospital for accepting our interview. He explained in detail the harm of cadmium to the human body and the knowledge of diseases caused by cadmium, which benefited us a lot.

Thanks to Changsha No. 21 Middle School for providing us with venues and opportunities, allowing us to convey the basic knowledge of synthetic biology to students through exciting and straightforward courses.

Thanks to the Summer Social Practice Group of “Small Molecules”, let us walk into the backward areas, stimulate children to be interested in synthetic biology and arouse their attention to cadmium pollution.

Thanks to Yali Middle School for providing the opportunity to give lectures on synthetic biology to some middle school students from YALI High School and some members of the NUDT-IGEM team.

Thanks to the Water Quality Inspection Bureau of the Middle Section of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project for allowing us to visit the Changsha Jinxia and Kaifu sewage treatment plants so that our project will develop in the direction of the best design to solve local problems.

Thanks to Professor Yin Huaqun from the School of Resource Processing and Bioengineering of Central South University for guiding our project, which has benefited us a lot. We also paid attention to the importance of logic and details in this process.

Thanks to Associate Professor Li Juan and Dr. Zhu Mingdong from Hunan Agricultural University for introducing our interview. Let us realize that the chemical industry and geological conditions lead to the accumulation of cadmium in the soil and made useful suggestions for our project.