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We are committed to learn and share our knowledge and resources in a in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. Giving comments to each other's projects is an effective method to break the inertia and produce innovative ideas. Through online communication and on-site visits to laboratories, we have achieved various cooperation modes such as mutual guidance, sharing of teachers and laboratory apparatus, while developing sustainable friendship.


August 2nd,2020

XMU-China and CSU_CHINA's teammates gathered online to discover an efficient way to cooperate. Based on our projects' introduction, we enhanced the understanding of each other. We made it possible to interchange ideas and information.

In the experimental design, XMU-China devote themselves to degrading the glyphosate in tea, while CSU_CHINA's goal is to reduce the cadmium content in soil or water to obtain healthier edible rice. Coincidentally, all we need to do is to detect, degrade and prevent engineering bacteria from escaping. For this reason, we launched a series of discussions, including experiments, modeling and human practices.

For more details of the cooperation between the two teams, please click Partnership & XMU-China.


Initial online meeting August 19th, 2020

We reached out to Team NUDT_CHINA, which was also looking for a partner. On August 19th, 2020, both teams agreed on further collaboration on a video conference. Members of both sides got to know each other in the meeting and introduced each other's projects. At the meeting, questions and suggestions were raised after presentations. We carried out brainstorming, which significantly contributed to the projects' innovation and improvement.

The screenshot of CSU_CHINA&NUDT_CHINA online meeting

For more details of the cooperation between the two teams, please click Partnership & NUDT_CHINA.


We instruct Hainan_China to make captions for the Project Promotion Video by using arctime, and also provide them guidance in Wiki web page construction and edition. (

Meetup: Southern China Regional Online Meeting

June 14th, 2020

To learn from other teams and build collaborations, we signed up for Southern China Regional Online Meeting.

Due to the Covid-19, the meeting was changed to be held online. Still, the online forum makes it possible to invite more iGEM teams to participate in the discussion.

Before the meeting, we made a brief project introduction and a short video to help others quickly understand our project. (Click here for more information cv6329439

The brief introduction of our project

On June 14th, 2020, all the participants were invited to join the meeting on ZOOM. Team BHSF, ZJU-China, XJTU-China and GreatBay_SZ shared their presentation with us. Additionally, special guests, 2020 iGEM Asian Ambassador Dorothy, Teacher Haoqian Zhang and Fankang Meng from Bluepha Co.Ltd., gave each team valuable comments on their projects.

(Click here for more information Southern China Regional Online Meeting

The online meeting

Through the meeting, we discovered that the project of XMU-China has similar goals to us and needs to solve similar problems. Therefore, we arranged a meeting to discuss and improve the project together.

Meetup: CCiC

As the iGEM team from China, we participated in the 7th Conference of China iGEMer Conference (CCiC). This annual meetup of the iGEM community in China was held online this year because of the COVID-19 epidemic situation. The judges offered us pertinent suggestions, and comments for our projects through the online presentation and posters show, which gave us more insights and broadened our horizons. Meanwhile, this meetup enabled us to communicate and collaborate better with other teams.

The judges from CCiC gave us the following proposals:

  • 1. The excessively broad spectrum of natural light needed for plant growth may lead to poor specificity of sensor response, leading to system disorder. Therefore, our team must consider natural light when applying the device to the farmland.
  • 2. Learn more about previous iGEM teams’ Environment Tracks Projects. We might get some useful information from the last iGEM teams’ contributions.
  • 3. Other suggestions for improving our poster and presentation.

According to the suggestions given by the CCIC judges, we have made the following improvements to our project:

  • 1. Considering the difficulty through experiments, modeling or theoretical verification of the system, we simplified our Red and Blue Light Control System, and the Blue Light Regulated Suicide System was determined. (Click here for more information DESIGN)
  • 2.We alter the design of the poster and the slides of our presentation. In the improved sign, we converted more words into more intuitive tables. As for our presentation slides, we added the part about cadmium recovery.(Click here for more information \({7}^{th}\)CCiC)

CSU_CHINA made the presentation on the \({7}^{th}\) CCiC

CSU_CHINA poster in \({7}^{th}\) CCiC