01/28/2020: Discussion of general topics like organization and processes, first brainstorming for a project idea & assignment of task forces

02/04/2020: Organizational matters, further brainstorming and work on three possible project topics & decision to continue the monthly newsletter and the postcard project

02/11/2020: Researching on each of the three project topics, setting a date for a meeting with professors and contact them, registration for the iGEM MeetUp in France

02/18/2020: Presentation of the three topics and voting for one topic (bioremediation won), continue researching, preparing the presentation for the professors, discussion about organizational matters regarding sponsoring, contacting iGEM Bielefeld

02/25/2020: Signing up at iGEM, brainstorming for a project logo, writing our first abstract (project proposal), looking for experts and contact them, continue discussing about sponsoring

03/03/2020: Continue thinking about logo/name, doing the safety seminar from Prof. Pauly, starting the postcard project and contact every team, discussing what we have found out regarding all the advice from the professors, researching

03/10/2020: Discussion about several logo ideas, voting for the project name (Mossphate), contacting further teams, handling the newsletter, discussing thoughts about the project and continue researching in groups, generating constructs, contacting further experts who worked with Physcomitrella patens

03/17/2020: Advisors meeting with the professors to discuss about the future of iGEM 2020, working out the logo ideas, creating first constructs with SnapGene, collecting information in research, starting the second newsletter

23/24/2020: Researching about promoters, RBS, terminators, genes, vectors & starting modelling

03/31/2020: Collecting research results from everyone, thinking about a little Physcomitrella-mascot

04/07/2020: Continue researching, working on the Instagram-challenge with Aachen, learning working on construct and start learning html, cobrapy

04/14/2020: Taking a group photo by Skype, working on further constructs, informing about the regular registration, researching and continue learning html and cobraby

04/21/2020: Working on a restore proposal and starting GMOndays, working on newsletter, brainstorming for video/talk on Instagram to talk about either synthetic biology/basic molecular biology, discussing science and research update

04/28/2020: Working on Newsletter, preparing next post for GMOndays, continue working on construct improvements, talking about possibility of lab work with shifts

05/05/2020: Working on the project logo, continue modelling, start writing lab protocols

05/12/2020: Continue making protocols and start collecting lab material, researching about engineering and bioreactor design etc.

05/19/2020: Continue working on a Revive and Restore Grant Project proposal, start thinking about out postcard design for the postcard project, registry for the German meetup, Meeting with IISER Pune (India), participating in the opening weekend, talking about medal criteria, getting constructs ready, contacting someone for entrepreneurship & for engineering

05/26/2020: Discussing future wiki page, writing the newsletter, continue working on the postcard design, thinking about connecting with other schools

06/02/2020: Improvement of the project logo design, start working on the poster and video for the German iGEM meetup, discussion about farmer interviews, researching & working on further protocols

06/09/2020: Working on poster, video & our postcard, contact other teams regarding the participation of the postcard project, getting contracts done, participation in the iGEM webinars, having further contact with experts and professors, researching

06/16/2020: Deciding for which special prizes we want to go for, continue working on poster, video & our postcard, meeting with Prof. Klose from Juelich, thinking about digital teaching for human practices, getting an update and discuss results from science meeting and continue researching

06/23/2020: Working on newsletter and our postcard project, discussion about postcard design and update, modelling, finishing the safety form, continue researching and discuss science meeting

06/30/2020: Working on the instruction video for the meetup, making progress with our postcard design and texts, discussing science meeting and continue researching, getting protocols done, looking at the medal criteria

07/07/2020: Started working on the iGEM Maastricht abstract & BioSpektrum article, continue working on the postcard project and participating the iGEM Moscow challenge, discussing latest research in science meeting, finishing all needed protocols and arrange labs so we can actually begin with labwork

07/14/2020: Improving Maastricht abstract & BioSpektrum article, working on the our postcard texts, of course researching as always, talking about update medal criteria aspects and dividing work on parts to fulfill the medal criteria

07/21/2020: Talking about medal criteria fulfillment ideas, making list of materials needed for lab work, sending out BioSpectrum article and continue working on Maastricht abstract, joining video collaboration TU Delft, filling out survey from Matteo, University of Edinburgh

07/28/2020: Working on newsletter, our postcard is almost done, thinking about contacting farmers for an interview, making lists with schools we want to contact

08/04/2020: Finish working on video for TU Delft, dealing with Maastricht abstract, writing first texts for medal criteria, modeling

08/11/2020: Working on texts for medal criteria, Collaboration with iGEM Calgary, model is almost done

08/18/2020: Continue working on Maastricht abstract, thinking about project promotion video, keep writing medal criteria texts, contacting schools, finishing model

08/25/2020: Improving Maastricht abstract, writing newsletter, finishing our postcard, collecting questions for farmers, thinking about collaboration for an art exhibition, discussion about starting labwork, preparing last labwork stuff

09/01/2020: Start building wiki page, ordering our postcards, start building our bioreactor, finally going in the lab

09/08/2020: Working on the promotion video & medal criteria texts, discussing update of postcard project, thinking of experiments to present in schools, continuing labwork

09/15/2020: Dealing with packing and shipping our postcards, improving promotion video, working on wiki page

09/22/2020: Writing newsletter, working on wiki texts, thinking about portrait photos of members, advisors & instructors for the wiki page, discussion about what information to put on the team page

09/29/2020: Discussing wiki update, working on newsletter, update of Maastricht journal: Reworking with the peer review, working on medal criteria texts, visiting school AG, working on photobioreactor

10/06/2020: Voting for the Maastricht Journal, writing wiki texts, Collaboration with Upch Peru & iGEM Leiden

10/13/2020 - 10/27/2020: Finishing wiki page & finishing wiki texts, working on the presentation video and poster