Team:GA State SW Jiaotong/Public Engagement


High School Presentation

On October 16th (Beijing time), some members of the Georgia State/Southwest Jiaotong University iGEM team visited a local high school that was affiliated with Southwest Jiaotong University to provide a lecture on the topic "Save Coral Reefs.” This lecture was divided into four modules: causes of coral bleaching, algae culturing, principles and design of the gene gun, and an introduction to the iGEM competition. Through our presentation and drama performance, we were able to vividly present our current work progress to these students and share relevant biological knowledge. The students stayed curious and actively engaged throughout our presentation and performance. After the event, some of the students stayed to ask further questions about resistant genes and Symbiodinium. Through this presentation, we were able to successfully raise awareness about coral bleaching and the need for coral protection through our local community.