Team:JACOXH China/Education



1.Lecture report on science popularization

Time: October 10

Setting: Classroom of Nanyang Model high school

Number of people: 24

First ,we introduced the background of our product.As soil has always been important to humans, providing a resource that can be used for shelter and food production.However, the problem of soil pollution is very serious. Mercury pollution is one typical type of heavy metal pollution in soil, which will cause serious adverse effects on ecosystem and human health.So, prevention of contaminated soil is closely related to health problems in soil-plant-animal-human system. Here, we designed a "patrolmen" for the mercury contaminated soil. Then,we simply described MerR-dependent sensor.A sensor is hope to regulate the module for mercury ion fixation and remediation. To not only improve the efficiency of engineering bacteria to remediation mercury contaminated soil, but also save the resources of engineering bacteria.What’s more,we show the Sketch Map about Mercury ion fixation and remediation. At last, we introduced the division of labor in our group and the communication between teams breifly. The students were elated and gave many feedbacks.

2.Science Communication

In order to be able to spread our project, we posted the video of the project on the website ( (。 We hope that through this way, we can let more people pay attention to heavy metal pollution, so that more people can join the road of heavy metal pollution control, and make our earth more and more clean and healthy.



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