Team:JACOXH China/Team




Name: Yuanchan Luo

Position: Assistant professor;

Research Interests: I am currently working on the mechanism of heavy metal resistance of Bacillus spp., the development of microbial pesticide (fungicide and bacteriacide), and the biocontrol mechanism about the biocontrol agents of Bacillus spp.

Li ZeXuan

Zexuan Li majors in Bioscience at ECUST. As a guy who always comes up with imaginative ideas, he participates a lot in the project design. Besides, he is also responsible for the guidance of molecular biology techniques. He enjoys science research and is always willing to help the students to solve their problems.

Yang Kai He

Kaihe Yang is a student majoring Biotechnology at ECUST. She is outgoing and always brings happiness to the whole team. As a member of instructors, she was involved in the design of the website,as well as the human practice part. Her endless creativity inspires the students a lot.

Wu Yan Jun

Name: Wu Yan Jun Primary PI, Provide guidance and suggestions for Human practice, art design, wiki construction and team coordination.

Wang Hai Cheng

Haichen Wang majors in bioengineering at ECUST. He have a strong interests in brain science and always wondered if it can have connection with computer technology one day. As a computer fan,his work is to teach the students how to deal with different kinds of softwares and how to search for useful imformation in database.

Shi Li Jia

Lijia Shi is a junior student majoring in bioengineering at ECUST. She is full of curiosity and desire to explore the charm of the biology. As one of the instructors of the team, she is involved in the guidance of experimental design and modeling. Although the process is a little challenging, she enjoys working side by side with her teammates.


Zhang Shu Kai

I’m Shukai Zhanga, a 16-year-old boy who has a great interest in computer science,engineering and biology.I have participated in EDW program and have been ‘addicted’ to these kinds of extraordinary and exciting events since then. With the love of pursuing knowledge and the self-discipline for perfection,I’m ready for this!

Chen Tian Yu

Tianyu Chen, a 16-year-old girl, is a high school student in Grade 11. She is interested in bioscience and computer science. The iGEM 2020 Competition gives her the opportunity to understand and learn the related knowledge about bioscience and computer science, such as the design of gene circuit, mathematical modeling. So she enjoys it! She is mainly responsible for the project design in this competition.

Fu Bing Qing

Hi there! I'm FuBingqing, a senior high school student. I love cotton candy and kittens and everything soft and sweet, not so much as I love painting though. As painting is, I believe, the best way to convey feelings and ideas. Hope you find my illustrations distinctive and delightful.

Guo Zheng Tian

Guo Zhengtian is a cheerful and enthusiastic girl who is good at playing tennis and volleyball.Her favorite subject is biology.She hopes that her valuable working experience in HP group will benefit her a lot in the future

Ji Jia Yuan

Ji Jia Yuan is a sophomore student in Shanghai Nanyang High School. As a girl who has a great interest in chemistry and biology, she took part in this activity with a passion for knowledge. She took charge of the design and production of questionnaires and analyzed the data to obtain useful and needed information.

Shao Ren Fei

My name is Renfei Shao from Nanyang Model High School. I have excellent academic records and good organizational skills. I often participate in various activities and student union work. I also have a wide range of interests -- debate, basketball, horse riding and so on . I am very interested in biology and hoping to exert my power in IGEM.

Wang Yu Chen

I am Wang Yuchen from Shanghai Pinghe Bilingual School. For my academic experience, I have great interests in the research of field of Mathematics and Engineering. At the same time, I’m always interested in processing the scientific experiments and investigations. As a member of the JACOXH team, I have been actively involved in the team organization, mainly responsible for editor job and the Final Thesis Defense. With my innovative and persistent personality, I believe I am able to do my bit in the future investigation of our program work.

Wu Shi Yu

Shiyu Wu is a girl who is interested in Economics .Therefore,she always uses apps to read economic reports. She is talkative ,helpful and optimistic,taking an active part in learning and studying.

Xue Yi Fan

I’m YiFan Xue ,a grade 11th student who has a strong interest in biology and math. I’m excited that I can take part in this project and I’m ready for the challenges in the future.

Yang Zi Yue

Yang Ziyue is a student from Nanyang Model High School. He went to his father’s lab to test the quality of water and soil many times in the past. So he is interested in chemistry and biology. In the team he makes the poster.

Zhou Zhi He

My name is ZhouZhihe, a student in Grade 2 of Nanyang Model High School. I have developed strong interest in biologysince I was a childthrough my frequent visits of Shanghai Natural History Museumand readings about popular science. My curiosity about the variety of plants and animals in the world has stimulated my exploration of the field so that I often go to consult teachers or booksto enrich my knowledge of biology. During my junior high school, I enjoyed my service as the course representative of biology in my class, responsible for weekly biology tabloid of the class and the biology corner of the classroom. While in my senior high, I have been fortunate to have gained an access to a greater and broader platform so that I have the opportunity to further my exploration of biology with some like-minded peers.



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