Team:JACOXH China/project/attributions



Zhang Shu Kai

During the iGEM competition,as the group leader,I am responsible for arranging meetings,final review and wiki editing.

Chen Yu Kun

This time, iGEM gave me an opportunity to further utilize my passion for science. In our team, I read many documents and then set forth the description of our program.

Zhou Zhi He

During the iGEM competition, I was very active in raising my questions during the team discussion, and consulting relevant researches or teachers to find the solutions. In August, I also visited Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences to seek advice for my project in terms of the relationship of the habit of earthworms and soil, for which I collected valuable information from the scientists there.

Yang Zi Yue

During the iGEM competition, he is responsible for part of the wiki art and poster design.

Xue Yi Fan

I’m responsible for the safety part. After accessing to relevant information and making constant revision. In the end, I successfully completed the task. Now I’m helping other groups to finish their project.

Wu Shi Yu

As Shiyu Wu is talkative and interested in Economics, she participates in hp group.Having interviewing learned experts,she summaized the important points and made a conclusion with the others in the group.

Wang Yu Chen

JACOXH team, I have been actively involved in the team organization, mainly responsible for editor job and the Final Thesis Defense. In addition, i'm also responsible for establishment of permeability model.With my innovative and persistent personality, I believe I am able to do my bit in the future investigation of our program work.

Shao Ren Fei

I was responsible for experiment and art in the group. I participated in the design of the project logo and the mascot’s drawing and improvement. I was also responsible for collecting team members' information, looking for web design ideas .At the same time, I participated in the program discussion of the experimental group. As a member of the team, I also wrote questions for the investigation team.

Guo Zheng Tian

Guo Zhengtian is good at communication. She joined the HP group.At first,she was involved in the production of social questionnaires.She wrote the interview drafts and interviewed experts in different fields twice.After the interview,she summarized several interviews and social surveys.In addition, by consulting the literature, she simulated the components: RBS4, RBS5 and RBS52.

Ji Jia Yuan

She took charge of the design and production of questionnaires and analyzed the data to obtain useful and needed information.

Fu Bing Qing

As the leader of the art group, I designed and produced almost all the illustrations in our wiki, as well as the team logo and the poster. I also narrated the videos and helped in introducing our project to the public.In addition, she was responsible for looking up the literature to find out the relevant mechanism of MerR and MerB3, and applied it to the design of this project.

Chen Tian Yu

She is mainly responsible for the project design in this competition.Including consulting the literature to find the relevant mechanism of atLCD, blue fluorescent protein and metallothionein, and applying it to the design of this project.In addition, she is also responsible for establishment of permeability model.



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