Team:KU ISTANBUL/Collaborations



Maastricht iGEM2020

Maastricht iGEM2020 contacted us via email. Their wonderful ideas about “Peer Review”, “Proceedings Journal” and “Muggle Journal” were really interesting to us. We first reviewed our own project, projects before us and wrote a combined review article. Later, they came up with something helpful to all other teams. In peer reviews, we got the chance to show our own reviewed article to other teams , so that they can give constructive feedback to us. We did the same and reviewed 2 different teams (iGEM Aachen and Calgary) . Finally, for the Muggle Journal, Maastricht iGEM2020 team designed a “Popular Science” style event. Each team wrote their own project idea, in a simplified version and how far they proceed with it.They did even vote to choose large numbers of articles and decided to print them. In the end our team learned a lot about other teams’ iGEM projects, corrected our own mistakes as well as helping other teams.

Muggle Journal PDF

Texas Austin iGEM

We met mith Texas Austin iGEM and they taught us about how to install pinetree and how to use it. We learned a lot about pinetree about them. However, we couldn’t implement pinetree to our project modelling because of time constraints.


We shared and talked about our projects. We exchanged ideas and our presentation ppts. Our team also shared an article which includes a fluorescence intensity model in growing cells which might help HKU iGEM as they are working on a project which they can compare expression of two different fluorescent proteins. We also shared a lab they can contact which might help them to talk with.

Patras Meet-Up

iGEM Athens

We were very glad to meet and collaborate with iGEM Athens team. We carried our collaboration into a partnership as we met and worked together many times on different objectives. We first met to discuss our projects as both of our projects are related to optics and light. After the first meeting we met for the second time to present our project to each other. As we didn’t have access to iGEM Parts this year, iGEM Athens kindly sent us the plasmids we need for our project when we get into the wet lab. We also arranged a meeting with Yılmaz Aslan, a former art teacher, on the toxicity of dyes with iGEM Athens as their project is on creating natural dyes by harnessing the power of light. iGEM Athens arranged a meeting with Dr. Simopoulou for us to talk about IVF and oocytes. We also discussed how we can combine our projects for future implementations. You can read more about our partnership from the partnership page.

Our first Meeting with iGEM Athens

Meeting with Dr. Simopoulou with iGEM Athens