iGEM Lund 2019

Protecto - Team Lund

At iGEM Lund 2020, we have worked to create a bio-pesticide of antimicrobial peptides to fight the potato infesting Phytophthora infestans, please Read more or watch the video below for a fun little introduction!

Designing our project

Do you want to know how we designed our composite parts and experiments? Head over to our Project Design!


We successfully transformed and expressed our designed fusion proteins, want to learn more?

Click here to read the full results!

Integrated Human Practices

Our efforts in human practices have helped us design our project and realize what needs to be done to make PROTECTO a reality. Read more...

Mathematical Models

Our mathematical model generates and evaluates new antifungal peptides. Read more here!


iGEM Lund 2020 consists of 8 members. We also wish to praise our main mentor during this project: Johan Svensson Bonde. Read more about the team-members here.