Welcome to the iGEM Moscow-Russia team wiki-page!


Almost the whole iGEM Moscow-Russia team next to Research Institute where our laboratory is located. Left to right: Ivan, Aleksandr, Daria, Denis V. Rebrikov, Emma, Veronika and Alexandr.

We are 10 students from several Universities located in Russia.

Five of us are studying Medicine at Pirogov Medical University.

However, our team also includes students who are obtaining degrees in Biology, Biophysics and Computer Science.

Our University is the only Medical University in Russia which is honoured to be called “Research” Medical University.

Our university

Pirogov Medical University inside

For decades Pirogov Medical University gives lots of opportunities for students to conduct research in different areas of Life Sciences and Medicine.

Our team came up with the idea to develop a preconceptional screening system and Pirogov Medical University greatly supported us in all aspects of our project.

Experimental part of our project is performed at the laboratory of Pirogov Medical University.

University at winter

Our University in winter