Team:OSA/Public Engagement

1.Wechat Official Account

With the finalization and advancement of our overall project, our HP group has also slowly started the production of the Official account. From start to now, there have been a total of eight great documents being published. The intention for the Official account is to raise people’s awareness about how serious the heavy metal contamination is so that everyone can do something for protecting our Earth. Instead of those basic background information about heavy metal pollutions, we added our technologies such as DNAzyme and 3 different kinds of signal amplification systems into the Official account as well, which gave a more precise and vivid image of our project to the public. Moreover, we made interesting little videos and shows to explain theories which confused people the most, so that it was easier for readers to understand. In fact, we achieved our intention successfully. We got over 3000 views on our public account. People find it entertaining and enjoyable to watch or read our videos and files, which not only learn more about heavy metals and our project, but also consider it as a daily entertainment.

Fig 3.2.1 Public account video shooting

2.Exhibition In Hongqiao Bazzar

In order to raise public awareness and promote our product, our teams decided to set up a booth in the Hongqiao bazaar. The following week was very busy. Buying tables, chairs, decorative lights, snacks, drinks, bookmarks, printing brochures, making display boards, and contacting venues are all things we rush and fret about. Fortunately, the effort paid off. On the afternoon of July 7th, we finally started the project promotion.


Fig 3.2.2 Stall pamphlet layout (backside)

Every time someone walks by our stall, we would introduce our project. And whenever we mention keywords like heavy metal or environmental protection, people would come back and look at our brochure again. Clearly, people do concern about environmental protection.

Fig 3.2.3 Hongqiao Stall Promotion

"Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, heavy metal pollution is a serious and low public concern in China and even the world. Small amounts of heavy metals can cause irreversible damage to the human body and the environment, so that inspired us to make this test. The accumulation of heavy metals in the body may lead to a variety of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, affecting brain cells, kidney failure and countless other fatal diseases." Whenever people come to us and ask questions about our project and heavy metals, we will introduce our project and answer their question one by one, "Lead, manganese and other heavy metals are possible in our domestic water......".

Fig 3.2.4 Hongqiao Stall Promotion

Conclusion: Not only do we promoted our project and raised public awareness of heavy metal pollution, we also learned the public's views on heavy metal pollution: they do care for environmental health and is willing to buy our product in the future.


We participated in CCiC (the Conference of China iGEMer Community) in early September, an event very similar to iGEM Giant Jamboree. Due to the impact of the epidemic this year, the ccic organizing committee did not organize offline gatherings, but held online exchanges and competitions. In this event, we introduced our project to other teams and introduced them to the possible harm caused by heavy metal ions. Many teams think that the projects we have done have good practical significance.

Fig 3.2.5 CCiC commemorative trophy