RDFZ-China is an active, collaborative team in the iGEM community in China. We share our resources and ideas aiming to create positive impacts on other iGEM teams we collaborated with.


Invited by QHFZ-China, we joined Beijing International iGEMer Collaboration Seminar on August 1st. We shared the information about our progresses, discussed with other teams about the projects, and offered suggestions for the improvement of others’ projects. The experts in this synthetic biology fair gave advice towards the direction of our project. After the fair, we kept in contact with QHFZ-China and the experts and did an interview with them.

Inspired by this iGEM team meetup, we collaborated with QHFZ-China and started a sharing seminar for high school students that are not iGEMers but are interested in synthetic biology. We used our own projects to explain synthetic biology to them and hoping to attract more teenagers to learn more about synthetic biology.


We shared a sensor report (xyls-report) with TPR-China and exchanged ideas on sensor buildup and pathway design. We two teams conducted experiment in the same lab, and we offered help to each other during experiments. We also gave suggestions to the other team about the experiences on building wiki and writing safety form.


We collaborated with KEYSTONE in a synthetic biology fair and discussed about pathway design. We offered suggestions to KEYSTONE’s human practices and did an interview with members from KEYSTONE about food therapy. KEYSTONE also helped us promote food therapy and shared ideas about ways to improve our human practices. After the synthetic biology fair, we invited members from KEYSTONE to join the tea party held by our team.