Team:SHSBNU China


The locusts

The scream depicts a man with a painful expression. The locust plague has brought a great negative impact to the people. Many people are struggling with the starvation.

Pearl E.coil with locust

Girl with a Pearl Earring depicts a girl has a smile. Our project uses a friendly way to prevent locust plague. The degradation of serotonin and guaiacol won’t cause any harm to locusts.

Protecting Ecosystems

A Married Couple depicts a couple sitting together and holding to each other's hands.In our project, the E. coli and locust also have a "close relationship",they fuse to one to solve one of the intractable issues.

Strangle Locust Plague at Birth

Locust swarm is a natural disaster with great harm, so controlling locusts is important and necessary. By accessing the literature, team SHSBNU_China found the locust swarm need to be activated by serotonin and the aggregation pheromone guaiacol. Therefore, the team proposes a design that allows bacteria to express serotonin and guaiacol - decomposing enzymes in the intestine of locusts, which disturbs the locust's gathering behavior and avoid the occurrence of locust swarm eventually.