Team:SHSBNU China/Collaborations



·Beijing_4ELEVEN & SHSBNU_China

Beijing_4ELEVEN aims to produce antimicrobial peptides, adhesive/cohesive proteins, and tyrosinase by the means of synthetic biology, which maydevelop a product that forms an acne curing film when applied to skin to treat acne vulgaris. We borrowed a E. coli strain with Psc101-PJExD-sfGFP from them as a fluorescence positive control in our experiments.

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·QHFZ_China & SHSBNU_China

OHEZ_China’s project uses TDPs from the Tardigrades to solve the issue of engineered bacteria storage. To select an appropriate topic, QHFZ_China had an online meeting to choose one from their four optional subjects. They invited Cheng Li, the advisor of SHSBNU, to attend the meeting. He put forward a lot of practical suggestions for them.

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·BNDS_China & SHSBNU_China

BNDS_China designed artificial leathers by using bacterial cellulose as the backbone concerning its excellent structural strength and flexibility to ensure the tenacity of our artificial leather. We and BNDS_China used the same lab and we borrowed a temperature-controlled shaker from them to test the function of heat-induced promoter.

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