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    We think all the members of our team are indispensable.
    Our members come from various majors, including biotechnology, computer science, mathematics, and industrial design, enabling us to learn from each other during this period and make full use of our respective abilities to complete this project.
    We are divided into three groups. The Algorithm group must write codes to make our software work; the HP group needs to collect relative information, contact professors, and draw up communication plans; the Art design group will help us show our project properly and complete Wiki design.

figure1. Everybody's division of labor.
figure1. Everybody's division of labor.

Brain Storming:

Jun Zhu, Chunfu Xiao, Wenyuan Jiang, Jiasheng Zhang, Chengwei Zhang, Zhifan Lin, and Xinnan Ling determined the primary direction of our software by reading a large number of papers and discussing with each other.


Jun Zhu, Wenyuan Jiang, and Jiasheng Zhang are responsible for the implementation of metabolism simulation.
Xinnan Ling, Yining He, and Shangyou Wang are committed to the part of pathway searching.


Chunfu Xiao, Jiasheng Zhang, and Chengwei Zhang built a database that includes various data about various enzymes from KEGG and other databases.

Human Practices:

Chunfu Xiao, Qianzheng Fu, Ran Gong, Zhifan Lin Yuyuan Jin, and Wanying Mo provided conference records, kept in contact with other teams and professors, collected feedback from whom used our project, and dealt with some other things.


Chunfu Xiao, Ran Gong, Zhifan Lin, and Yuyuan Jin designed a game to introduce synthetic biology to the public. They also wrote some articles about metabolism and spread them to the public.
Chunfu Xiao, Qianzheng Fu, Jiasheng Zhang, Wenyuan Jiang, and Ran Gong held a lecture for high school students, helped them learn more about our project and synthetic biology.


Chunfu Xiao, Ran Gong, Zhifan Lin, and Qianzheng Fu have contacted other IGEM teams for collaboration.

Art Designing and Poster:

Wanying Mo, Yexin Xu, Yun Tan, and Huidi Zhu are in charge of designing posters and other things, such as the logo of our software and illustrations in our game.


Jun Zhu, Wenyuan Jiang, Chunfu Xiao, Wanying Mo, Yexin Xu, Yun Tan, and Huidi Zhu are in charge of the presentation.


Jun Zhu, Wenyuan Jiang, Chunfu Xiao, and Jiasheng Zhang achieved the construction of Wiki. Wanying Mo, Yexin Xu, Yun Tan, and Huidi Zhu did art design for Wiki.


Muyi Liu is in charge of Financial management.

Professor and team support:

Dr. Qi Liu gave some suggestions about our core idea and pathway searching part.
Dr. Changsheng Du and Dr. Ping Li helped us get rid of some immature ideas.
Junchen Feng, a doctoral student who majored in enzyme engineering, remarked some defects after using our software.
Kaixin Chen, who gave us some front-end code support.
We had a deep collaboration with Tongji_China, SYSU-software, SJTU-software, UESTC-Software, and many other teams.

We sincerely appreciate all persons and teams mentioned above!
figure2. College of Life Science and Technology, Tongji University

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