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Member information:

Jun Zhu
Jun Zhu: bioinformatics, team leader

Participating in iGEM is an opportunity for me to get in touch with synthetic biology. As the leader of the Tongji software team, I hope our software can be helpful.
Chunfu Xiao
Chunfu Xiao: biotechnology, team leader

I like playing PC games and basketball. Watching films is also an excellent method to relax. Thanks to iGEM for this opportunity to work together with these teammates. "To the stars, through hardships."
Wenyuan Jiang
Wenyuan Jiang: bioinformatics, team leader

Wenyuan Jiang. Major in Bioinformatics and loves cats very much. He considers himself to be a Biohacker who tries to use synthetic biology and bioinformatics to build interesting biosystems.
Jiasheng Zhang
Jiasheng Zhang: bioinformatics, student member

My name is Zhang Jiasheng. I am an undergraduate at Tongji University. In the Tongji_Software team, I do the jobs, including database construction, module docking, and integration.
Chengwei Zhang:
Chengwei Zhang: biotechnology, student member

I'm a member of the algorithm group and be responsible for the construction of Synthetic Bay. I love music and enjoy exploring new things.
Shangyou Wang
Shangyou Wang: computer science and technology, student member

My name is Wang Shangyou, responsible for path searching algorithms. I am delighted to cooperate with friends majoring in biology. We formed a good friendship and successfully completed our project for iGEM during this time.
Zhifan Lin
Zhifan Lin: biotechnology, student member

I am Zhifan Lin from Tongji University. I joined the Tongji_Software team to improve myself and work with others. I think I've gained a lot through my iGEM journey in 2020.
Xinnan Ling
Xinnan Ling: bioinformatics, student member

I'm from the College of Life Sciences and Technology, has worked on pathway search and evaluation.
Qianzheng Fu
Qianzheng Fu: biotechnology, student member

I am so glad that I have participated in iGEM. It made me understood a new world of biological software.
Ran Gong
Ran Gong: biotechnology, student member

I am Ran Gong, and I hope to gain some knowledge through this program and enrich my experience.
Huidi Zhu
Huidi Zhu: bioinformatics, student member

In our team, I participate in the art design. During this process, I deeply understood how to cooperate with students with different major backgrounds.
Wanjing Mo
Wanying Mo: Industrial Design, student member

I am very grateful for this opportunity to allow me to experience the intersection of biology and design and expand the boundaries of disciplines.
Yexin Xv
Yexin Xv: environmental design, student member

I am Yexin Xv ,the student of the environmental design in the School of Design and innovation.
Yun Tan
Yun Tan: environmental design, student member

Hello everyone, my name is Tan Yun; I am a college student; I am the team member responsible for visual design in this competition.
Yuyuan Jin
Yuyuan Jin: Product Design, student member

Yuyuan Jin, a human being traveling around this planet and exploring possibilities of life, a user experience designer doing small designs dreaming to move the world.
Yining He
Yining He: Mathematics, student member

Iyanna, a statistics student, is responsible for mathematical modeling related work of the team. She is very glad to see the role of mathematics in biological information.
Muyi Liu
Muyi Liu: English Department, student member

I'm Liu Muyi, a sophomore in English Department, responsible for finance in the team. So honored to participate in this competition with great team members of different majors.

Feiyang Xing
Feiyang Xing: Team members of Tongji_Software in 2019

Many professional team members gathered in this year's Tongji_Software with great enthusiasm. I'm glad to provide guidance for them and look forward to their development.
Huili Shi
Huili Shi: Team members of Tongji_Software in 2019

It's very interesting to be an adviser for Tongji_Software team. I'm honored to give them suggestions to make these fantastic ideas come true.
Dr. Jing Zhang
Dr. Jing Zhang: Professor of School of Life and Technology at Tongji University

She helped us build our team, apply for funding support, and many other things by keeping in contact with us during the process of this project.
Dr. Qi Liu
Dr. Qi Liu: Professor of School of Life and Technology at Tongji University

He helped us brainstorm and determine the core of our project. What's more, he gave a lot of useful suggestions in algorithms.

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