Team:Tongji Software/Notebook




(1) Set up 2020 Tongji_Software.
Team Leaders:Zhu Jun, Jiang Wenyuan, Xiao Chunfu
Team members: Zhang Jiasheng, Zhang Chengwei, Zhu Huidi, Lin Zhifan, Ling Xinnan


(1) Research past projects of the software track, including Michigan_Software, Florida_Atlantic, SJTU-Software, NCTU_Formosa, SYSU_software, UESTC-Software, etc.
(2) Read the Synthetic Biology Tools and Application.


(1) Confirm the direction of our project. We should inherit the pathway search part.
(2) The second recruitment members: Gong Ran, Fu Qianzheng, He Yining, Jin Yuyuan, Liu Muyi, Mo Wanying, Tang Yun, Wang Shangyou, Xu Yexin.
(3) Read literature about metabolism, pathways, proteins, enzymes, etc. Collect materials that can be used to prepare the project.


(1) Confirm the database part, collect the data from KEGG, Brenda, ChEBI, etc.
(2) Collaboration with Tongji_China and receive some feedback.
(3) Use questionnaires to investigate the needs of the pathway-searching tool and investigate the projects of 40 teams that participated in iGEM in 2018 and 2019.
(4) Hand over the prototype of our pathway-searching tool to two teams from Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University and Nanjing Agricultural University, and we get some valuable feedback.


(1) We communicated online with Professor Changsheng Du and asked for some advice on our program.
(2) Ready to make a role-playing game and spread it through the internet.
(3) Research the literature about metabolism simulation.


(1) Confirm that we have three functions: The Synthetic Bay(database), the Pathway Finder, and the Hybrid Metabolism Simulation.
(2) Data preprocessing and integration.
(3) Confirm some details of algorithms in the Pathway Finder and the Hybrid Metabolism Simulation.
(4) Register our team.
(5) Design team logo.


On June 13th, 2020, SYSU-Software and we had a conference online, and have been in touch ever since.


(1) Online Educational Work in Tongji Seeding Program: we have an online meeting with 40 high school students on July 19th, 2020.
(2) The three parts of our software are improving.


(1) Register for the CCiC.
(2) Prepare for the presentation video and poster.
(3) On August 15th, we take part in the first Conference of China Software iGEMer Community(CCSiC).
(4) Take part in CCiC from August 28th to 31st as one of all sixty teams.
(5) Game is almost ready.
(6) We five China Software teams co-host the Workshop in CCiC.


(1) On September 22nd, we, together with SJTU-software, hold a seminar online to talk about the software’s problems and put forward some advice for each team.
(2) The first article, "The Metabolism and Health" is released in the WeChat Official Accounts "Tongji iGEM", and we receive a lot of great feedback.
(3) Our software "Synthesis Navigator" is almost completed, and we are improving it according to the suggestions we received in these weeks.
(4) The software front end is also basically completed.
(5) Cooperate with a scientific research team of Tongji University. Feng Junchen, a doctoral student in the laboratory of Professor Li Ping, provides us with rich feedback after using it.


(1) On October 4th, SYSU-Software and we have a conference online again and hope to promote further collaboration.
(2) On October 8th, we, together with Tongji_China, have conferences offline about the method of modeling used by them and some daily events during the game.
(3) On October 13th, 2020, we hold a science promotion activity for first-year biology students together with Tongji_China.
(4) The second and third articles, "The Metabolic Pathway and Engineering", "The Introduction to Synthesis Navigator", are released in the WeChat Official Accounts "Tongji iGEM". We want more people to pay attention to metabolic engineering.
(5) We publish our game for some high school students and encourage them to know the concept and basic research methods of synthetic biology.
(6) Prepare for the Giant Jamboree!

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