Team:Toulouse INSA-UPS

How can we produce food supplements in a spaceship, using as few resources as possible?

I have an idea! My team iGEMINI is specialist in biology.
They can solve my problem using microorganisms and synthetic biology!

 I asked them to help me.
 They emailed me their solution:
    “We can use Saccharomyces cerevisiae as food
    supplement. It is edible and rich in proteins and
    vitamins. We could engineer it to make it even more
    nutritious by producing a provitamin A.”

“But yeast cannot grow on the available resources in space. We therefore designed a coculture with Clostridium ljungdahlii which can grow by itself on H2 and CO2

“Taste perception is altered in space. We therefore wanted to add strong flavors to our yeast and designed an optogenetic system to select them.”

I can leave for exoplanet discovery missions. I can produce my own food supplements during the travel!
Thanks iGEMINI!