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Our Team


Benedicte Amery

Hi, I am Bénédicte and am in my final year of MSc in Biochemistry and & Biotechnology at Ghent University. iGEM offers an opportunity to do the nerdy stuff we like and to make a difference to for people. I enjoyed the challenges that iGEM brought us, the creative thinking and the contact with experts. My tasks involved the research and lab part, but since we are a small team, we all had a say in everything. My favorite bacteria is Pseudomonas syringae because I am (already) dreaming of a white Christmas.

Milan Van Nuffel

Hi, my name is Milan and I study Bioscience Engineering at Ghent University in Belgium. I have always been interested in biology and engineering alike. My spare time is preferably spent tinkering on very diverse creative projects. As you can imagine, iGEM was the ultimate project to take part in I have learned so much the past months which I would never have learned at university, for example: talking with companies, getting advice from experts in the field, making a video, making a website and so much more! My favorite micro-organisms are dinoflagellates because of their magica-... biological glow.


Bram Jacobs

Helluw, my name is Bram and am a Bioscience Engineering student at Ghent University. I am the youngest member of our small iGEM team. I spend a lot of time behind my computer doing a lot of computer-stuff for modeling and to keep everything on track. In my spare time, I am doing artsie things and have use this creativity in our fabulous project! I am not very into bacteria, so my favorite bacterium is Rickettsia. They give us sooo much energy!

Principal Investigators

Prof. Dr. Ir Marjan De Mey

​ Prof. Dr. Ir Marjan De Mey is a professor of Metabolic Engineering and head of the Metabolic Engineering Group at the Centre of Synthetic Biology (CSB). Her expertise lies in industrial biotechnology, metabolic engineering, and synthetic biology.


Prof. Dr. Ir Wim Van Crieckinge

Prof. Dr. Ir Wim Van Criekinge graduated in 1994 as a Chemical Engineer from the University of Ghent, Belgium, where he also earned his Ph.D. degree in Molecular Biology in 1998. Today he is part-time Professor at the same university, where he is head of the laboratory for computational genomics and bioinformatics (Biobix) in the department of molecular biotechnology. In 1997, he was co-founder and director of Devgen, a successful public biotechnology company.


Ir. Lien De Wannemaeker

Ir. ​Lien De Wannemaeker is a PhD student at the Centre for Synthetic Biology (CSB) at Ghent University. Her PhD project focusses on the development of a Cross-Bacterial Expression system. She combines synthetic biology, metabolic engineering and bioinformatics for the development of new parts and tools and has experience with genetic engineering of a wide variety of bacterial hosts.


Ir. Louis Coussement

Ir. Louis Coussement is a doctoral student at the Laboratory for computational genomics and bioinformatics (Biobix) in the department of Data analysis and mathematical modelling. His expertise lies in bioinformatics, data-integration, and analysis, mainly in the field of (epi)genomics.​

José Manuel Lopez

​"Hello, I am José Manuel. I am a PhD student at the Centre of Synthetic Biology of Ghent University. I am part of the BioPort group, specialized on the engineering of biological transport systems. My project focuses on studying and engineering fatty acid export systems in yeast. Besides science, I am also interested in the ethics of technology, philosophy, cooking and hiking"​


Dr. Ir. Michiel Stock

Dr. ir. Michiel Stock is a postdoctoral researcher at the KERMIT and Biobix research groups at the University of Ghent’s department of Data Analysis and Mathematical Modelling. His research activities revolve around using convex methods to model complex biological systems with an emphasis on ecology and synthetic biology.