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The WHO considers depression and other anxiety-related feelings as the number one cause of functional impairment worldwide! Now, patients get drugs as antidepressants prescribed, knowing that only 30% of the patients are helped with these drugs.

Researchers found out that the composition of the intestinal microbiome's composition is linked to depression. Here comes our solution in the picture: Our Bubbly, an edible pearl, could potentially modulate the patient’s intestinal microbiome and work as an adjuvant or alternative treatment for depression.

Our “bubble” consists of a core with only three active ingredients: Naringenin, a flavonoid with an anti-inflammatory effect, Kojibiose, natural sweetener with high prebiotic effect and low in calories and, vitamin B12, a vitamin that makes your good bacteria happy

This functional core is surrounded by an acid-resistant layer. This protective layer saves our ingredients from the stomach’s destructive enzymes and low pH, and delivers them to their site of action.