Team:UGent2 Belgium/Medals


Bronze Criteria




Competition Deliverables 

We made a promotion video, presentation, poster and this fabulous wiki! 

Our promotion video can be found here . Our poster can be found here (after wiki thaw) 


We created a list of all the people involved in this project and who we want to thank for helping us. 

Thank you to everyone who helped!  

Project Description 

A brief description of the problem we want to solve and how we want to do this. 

Imagine a world without depression 


Our tasteful contribution to other iGEM teams. 

Enjoy your delicious kombucha! 

Silver Criteria




Engineering Success 

A detailed description of our engineering effort, both theoretically and practically. 

Read all about it on the Engineering page! 


An overviews of our collaborations with other teams. 

It was more than a little chitchat. 

Human Practices 

Our project came a long way by implementing the advice of many experts, curious? Check the link!  

We present you, human practices! 

Proposed implementation 

How do we see the implementation of our edible pearl into the everyday life of our consumers? Click the link to found out! 

Implementation… is hard to implement in a catchy sentence. 


Gold Criteria




Integrated Human Practices 

Once the project was finalised, we contacted experts in the field of philosophy and psychology. And implemented their feedback! 

Read all about it on the HP page!  

Project Modeling  

We designed an in-silico model to study diffusion of naringenin! 

Find out more on our page! 

Proof of Concept 

How do we proof that our edible pearl does what it has to do? Click the link to found out! 

Click me 

Science communications 

Struggling to find easy how-to-biopython tutorials? We couldn’t find them either! Luckily we made some ourselves 😉  

Click here to catch up with the latest trend in biopython tutorial land!