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The Conference of China iGEMer Community

The Conference of China iGEMer Community (CCiC) is a platform for the iGEMers in China to communicate with and learn from each and demonstrate their achievements. The 7th CCiC was an online seminar lasting for 5 days (2020.8.27-31). In this year, the offline team presentation was replaced by a video presentation on the Zoom app. Our presentation section was scheduled on the 29th of August. After our video played, there were 5 minutes for judging and questioning by the professors and the audiences. The feedback was mostly saying that we did well in the human practice part and our project was interesting. They also gave us some advice on how we could show the speciality of our project and how we could make our explanation clearer in the video. For example, we can summarize our raw data into a chart and replace paragraphs with figures and a little description, so that the audiences can understanding and follow our video easier. There were five other teams shared the same Zoom room with us, we could watch others’ video and ask them question. We learnt something new from this others’ presentation and also found the way of making an excellent presentation video. In the later poster demonstration section, we had a chance to present our project to the professors and the audiences again. They pointed out the weakness of our poster, for example they said that the font size of our poster was quite small to see and the diagram of the process can be clearer. From all these advices, we can improve ourselves. In conclusion, it was a great chance for our team to learn from and communicate with the other iGEMers. From this seminar, we confirmed that our project was on the right track, but still got rooms for improvement. We can also be well-prepared for the Great Jamboree with a more attractive and clearer video and poster.

poster of CCIC

Schedule of CCiC (The UM_iGEM presentation was scheduled on the 29th Aug)

UPCH Peru iGEM SDG’s #NoScienceNoFuture

In addition to being a partner of the ABC community. Our UM Macau iGEM team was also invited to collab with UPCH Peru iGEM SDG’s #NoScienceNoFuture. We had the opportunity to make an infographic of our project and contribute to the #NoScienceNoFuture movement. We hope to raise more awareness of the need for biofilm removal research by engaging in this movement. (Below is an infographic of our project)



iGEM 2020 UM_Macau