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Part Collection

Basic Parts

Part Number Name Type Description Length(bp)
BBa_K3630000 T7 promoter Regulatory The T7 promoter is a sequence of DNA 18 base pairs long up to transcription start site at +1 (5’ – TAATACGACTCACTATAG – 3’) that is recognized by T7 RNA polymerase. The T7 promoter is commonly used to regulate gene expression of recombinant proteins, which can be subsequently used for a variety of downstream research applications. 19
BBa_K3630001 Lac operator Regulatory The lactose operon (Lac operon) is an operon required for the transport and metabolism of lactose in E. coli and many other enteric bacteria. 25
BBa_K3033002 RBS RBS A ribosome binding site, or ribosomal binding site (RBS), is a sequence of nucleotides upstream of the start codon of an mRNA transcript that is responsible for the recruitment of a ribosome during the initiation of protein translation. 6
BBa_K3630003 LuxR Coding LuxR is a constitutively expressed protein that can bind with AHL. 750
BBa_K3630004 S-tag Tag The N-terminus of the original RNase A, also called S-peptide, consists of 20 amino acid residues, of which only the first 15 are required for ribonuclease activity. 45
BBa_K3630005 LuxR promoter Regulatory LuxR promoter controls transcription of the LuxI enzyme leading to a positive feedback loop that increases transcription from the right hand lux promoter. 55
BBa_K3630006 His-tag Tag A His-tag is an amino acid motif in proteins that typically consists of at least six histidine (His) residues, often at the N- or C-terminus of the protein. 18
BBa_K3630007 DspB Coding DspB catalyzes the hydrolysis of linear polymers of N-acetyl-D-glucosamines found in the biofilm matrices and allows for the release of bacterial cells that can adhere to new surfaces close by and extend the biofilm or start new colonies. 1086
BBa_K3630008 DNaseTA Coding A deoxyribonuclease (DNase, for short) is an enzyme that catalyzes the hydrolytic cleavage of phosphodiester linkages in the DNA backbone, thus degrading DNA. 1083
BBa_K3630009 Alkaline serine protease Coding Serine proteases (or serine endopeptidases) are enzymes that cleave peptide bonds in proteins, in which serine serves as the nucleophilic amino acid at the (enzyme's) active site. 444
BBa_K3630010 Adhesin Coding Proteins on the surface of living cells that allow the organism to colonize various surfaces. 3117
BBa_K3630011 GFP Coding The green fluorescent protein (GFP) is a protein composed of 238 amino acid residues (26.9 kDa) that exhibits bright green fluorescence when exposed to light in the blue to ultraviolet range. 717
BBa_K3630013 Ho1 Coding Putative transporter in the major facilitator superfamily; member of the 12-spanner drug:H(+) antiporter DHA1 family; mutations in membrane-spanning domains permit cation and histidinol uptake. 867
BBa_K3630014 PcyA Coding Catalyzes a 2-step reaction, involving the ATP-dependent carboxylation of the covalently attached biotin in the first step and the transfer of the carboxyl group to pyruvate in the second. 738
BBa_K3630015 OmpC promoter Regulatory Forms pores that allow passive diffusion of small molecules across the outer membrane. 123
BBa_K3630016 Lac repressor Coding Lacl is a DNA binding protein that inhibits the expression of lactose coding gene metabolism in bacteria. When lactose is not stimulated, lacl will be suppressed. When lactose is available, it will be converted to allolactose, by the Lac repressor. 1113
BBa_K3630017 iBox Coding An inhibitor of protein kinase PAK4. It contains two copies of the kinase inhibitory domain. These small regions supports PAK4cat crystal formation in cells. When inka-box forms a complex with PAK4cat, conformational changes causes the complex to spontaneously crystallize and produce long rod-shaped crystals. 38
BBa_K3630018 PAK4 cat Coding PAK4 is a kinase that is linked with –inka-Box, which has strong links to cellular transformation. Together they form crystallized protein structures. This crystallization provides more storage space for iron. ‌ 314
BBa_K3630019 HlyA Coding E. coli α-hemolysin (HlyA) produces large, clear zones of hemolysis around colonies on blood agar. HlyA lyses cells by the creation of pores in the target cell membrane and affects erythrocytes, leukocytes nd renal tubular cells . Its activity on polymorphonuclear granulocytes liberates leukotrienes, histamine, and ATP and is neutralized by specific antiserum. ‌ 314

Composite Parts

Part Number Name Component Parts Description Length(bp)
BBa_K3630020 AHL dependent enzyme expression system-DspB BBa_K3630001, BBa_K3630002, BBa_K3630003, BBa_B0010 AHL binds to LuxR and then LuxR binds to LuxR promoter to promote DspB to degrade the biofilm. 2231
BBa_K3630021 AHL dependent enzyme expression system-DNaseTA BBa_K3630005, BBa_K3630002, BBa_K3630006, BBa_K3630008, BBa_K3630019, BBa_K3630000, BBa_K3630001, BBa_K3630002, BBa_K3630003, BBa_B0010 AHL binds to LuxR and then LuxR binds to LuxR promoter to promote DNaseTA to degrade the biofilm. 2228
BBa_K3630022 AHL dependent enzyme expression system-alkaline serine protease BBa_K3630005, BBa_K3630002, BBa_K3630006, BBa_K3630009, BBa_K3630019, BBa_K3630000, BBa_K3630001, BBa_K3630002, BBa_K3630003, BBa_B0010 AHL binds to LuxR and then LuxR binds to LuxR promoter to promote alkaline serine protease to degrade the biofilm. 1589
BBa_K3630023 AHL dependent adhesive protein-GFP expression BBa_B0010, BBa_K3630000, BBa_K3630001, BBa_K3630002, BBa_K3630003, BBa_B0010 AHL binds to LuxR and then LuxR binds to LuxR promoter to promote adhesive protein to attach the biofilm. 4855
BBa_K3630025 PCB formation LuxR-OmpC dependent expression system BBa_J23107, BBa_K3630002, BBa_K3630013, BBa_K3630002, BBa_K3630014, BBa_B0010, BBa_J23107, BBa_K3630002, BBa_I15010, BBa_B0010 Constitutively promote PCB , which requires Ho1 and PcyA and constitutively promote Cph8 receptor. 4091
BBa_K3630027 Constitutive LuxR expression and dark repression system BBa_J23107, BBa_K3630001, BBa_K3630002, BBa_K3630003, BBa_B0010, BBa_K3630015,BBa_K3630016, BBa_B0010 Constitutively expresses LuxR that has an expression regulated by the lac operon. Conditionally expresses LacI gene under the ompC promoter. 2212
BBa_K3630029 Enhanced ferritin expression system BBa_J23106, BBa_K3630002, BBa_K3033014, BBa_K3630017, BBa_K3630018, BBa_B0010 Constitutively promotes ferritin expression. The ferritin has been linked to iBox-PAK4 which forms crystal structures and enhances the bacteria's sensitivity to magnetic force. 1004



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