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Anti-Biofilm Community overview

The Anti-Biofilm Community (ABC) was developed by UM IGEMers along with WHU China IGEM 2020. Members in the ABC are DUT-China-iGEM, THU-China-iGEM, SUST-China-iGEM and a high school team from HKHCY-iGEM. Due to the Covid19 pandemic, all communication was carried out online. The first meeting with WHU-China-iGEM and SZU-China-iGEM was completed through Tencent's online meeting software. Our ABC logo and mission were completed under the help of SZU-China-iGEM. Our logo is shown here. To get an ABC abbreviation, take the first letter. The logo consists of seagulls (creatures) and clouds (clouds). The standard color is the color of the ocean (including all rivers), representing our ABC cloud community's simple idea of including all the skills and experience of biofilm engineering in synthetic biology.

Slogen and icon

Slogan: Work together through the internet

Figure 1: ABC icon

The first meeting with ABC

We held our first troubleshoot meeting with WHU-China-IGEM and SZU-China-IGEM on July 31st. Suggestions were given out based on four aspects:

1. Delivery volume

2. Strain

3. Inducer

4. Effectiveness.

Practicality and investment income ratios are also two concerns that we have raised.

Figure 2: The first workshop of ABC community (Tencent meeting)

The second meeting with ABC

The second meeting was hosted on Sep 2nd with three more newly joined team. They are DUT_China_iGEM, THU_China_iGEM, and SUST_China_iGEM. This meeting is primarily aimed at the completion of the indicators and requirements for the competition. In addition, we have addressed the issue of modeling and our team has suggested inviting overseas teams. And so, as a facilitator for this proposal, our team received collaborative intent from HKHCY-iGEM and welcomed them to join our group.

Figure 3:The second workshop of ABC community (Tencent meeting)

The third meeting with ABC

In the third meeting, we finalized the final members of the community. They are WHU_China_iGEM, UM_Macau_iGEM, DUT_China_iGEM, DUT_China_iGEM, THU_China_iGEM, SUST_China_iGEM, and high school team HKHCY_iGEM. We came up with the idea of “ABC Manual”.

Figure 4: The third workshop of ABC community (Tencent meeting)

A Handbook of Anti-Biofilm Community

This handbook contains the project introduction of each team from ABC, and each team has conducted some pages about the related scientific knowledge. There are both Chinese and English versions. Each team designed their own parts of this handbook and combined at last. Through this way, we collaborated with the other iGEMers to promote “biofilm” to the public. Our team has written the introduction of synthetic biology, biofilm-related knowledge and fish culturing in the handbook. After finishing the design of the handbook, we publish it through the Internet by sharing it on social media. We also got help from the faculty to demonstrate it on the faculty’s website. Therefore, it can reach more people.

The page link on our faculty official website:

The page link on our faculty Instagram:

The page link on our faculty facebook:

The publish of ABC booklet not only expands the influence of ABC, but also attracts more team to join in like South China University of Technology. Therefore, teams in ABC can have deepen and further communication.

Figure 5. Cover of A Handbook of Anti-Biofilm Community (English ver.)

Figure 6. UM_MACAU iGEM2020 project introduction

Click the link here to read the whole handbook

ABC Community Handbook(English version)

ABC Community Handbook(Chinese version)



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