iGEM Collaborations

Instagram "This or That Challenge - Lab Edition" by iGEM_UUlm

During the lockdown we created a template which can be used by other teams to connect and exchange on Instagram. With our “This or That Challenge” we tried to generate anticipation for laboratory work, even though the universities in many countries were closed. This situation was very frustrating for all of us. With the use of our collaboration we wanted to keep a piece of lab in our minds and hearts.
On the other hand, we aimed to entertain the iGEM community with “This or That Challenge - Lab Edition”.
We are glad for the great response from many other iGEM teams and we want to thank you for joining us!

Joined Teams:
  • igem_iisertirupati, India
  • igem_iisermohali, India
  • igem_iiserk, India
  • igem_bits, India
  • igem.thessaloniki, Greece
  • igemthessaly, Greece
  • igempatras, Greece
  • igemthrace, Greece
  • igemstockholm, Sweden
  • igem.kaiserslautern, Germany
  • igem.aachen, Germany


The aim of our collaboration was to connect with other teams, share scientifically interesting questions, and promote the iGEM contest and other teams.
The participants had to create a short and interesting video and/or a presentation about their research. These were uploaded to a cloud, which is accessible by all participating teams.
Each team then shared at least one post from another team on social media to promote that team. A big thank you to all participating teams.

  • igem_iiserp, India
  • igemrum, Puerto Rico
  • igemncku, Taiwan
  • igemhamburg, Germany
  • msp_igem, Netherlands

"Postcard project" - Team Duesseldorf

The iGEM Team Düsseldorf reached out to us offering us the chance to participate in their postcard challenge. Their idea was that every participating team would design an individual postcard either referring to the team’s project or synthetic biology, as well as a short text about them. As many of the designed postcards as there were teams participating in the collaboration were sent to the iGEM Team Düsseldorf, that made sure that the sent in postcards were distributed to all participating teams to connect with each other. Of course, we did not want to miss this chance and submitted our designed and handcrafted postcards and waited curiously for the postcards from all around the world to arrive. Herafter our postcard design and the postcards we received from the other teams are shown.

Postcard frontsite
Postcard backside

"Journal Initiative" - Team msp_igem, Netherlands

iGEM team MSP-Maastricht gave us and many other teams the opportunity to learn how to write an abstract and scientific paper with their collaboration. We were happy to be part of it. iGEM team MSP-Maastricht provided us with a template for the paper with information what to write in which part, such as “abstract”, “results and findings” or “discussion”. For the “journal initiative” our team wrote an abstract and a paper, as well as took part in their peer review sessions. After the peer review we received feedback and helpful hints.
Unfortunately, we could not submit a final version of our paper and had to withdraw our participation. Nevertheless, the team from Maastrich was very interested in letting us take part in the collaboration. So, we wrote a report about the collaboration for the journal. We are very grateful for the consideration, the flexibility and the willingness to compromise.
All in all, the “journal initiative” was a great idea and exercise for us to learn and improve scientific writing skills. Thanks to iGEM team MSP-Maastricht for their excellent organisation and the creation of a platform!

Collag of iGEM team's logos - Team GW_DC, Washington

The team from Washington DC created a collage of all iGEM team's logos. With this collage they wanted to show that, despite the competition, we all have the same goal: trying to find solutions for serious problems to make the world a better place. We could identify with that and took part.

YouTube channel- MRIIRS_FARIDABAD, India

The team MRIIRS_FARIDABAD started a YouTube channel to share videos from different iGEM teams. Our team submitted a video about or project for this channel. It is important for us to spread awareness about synthetic biology and to show everyone what is possible by using synthetic biology.