Sureloc - Surely Locate Cancer

Non-small cell lung carcinoma (NSCLC) is a common type of epithelial cancer, which is not sensitive to chemotherapy or radiotherapy. To address this issue, our team developed a therapy based on magneto-hyperthermia. We designed a vector that codes for magnetic protein crystals (MPCs) through the use of a tumor-specific promoter. Liposomes with surface PEG-GE11 modifications carrying MPC vectors will target NSCLC cells. Post transfection, targeted tumor cells will express MPCs, which enable the binding of iron. Iron-loaded MPCs will then respond to localized alternating magnetic fields and induce cell death. The active targeting ligand, tumor-specific promoter, and localized alternating magnetic fields provide triple targeting security. Currently, we completed the in vitro isolation and purification of the MPCs with successful confirmation of their magnetism. The successive steps are to control the MPCs’ size, add the internal targeting ligand, and experiment the targeting capabilities in vivo.

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Triple Targeted Therapy

(1) Targeted gene circuits by the tumor-specific promoter, (2) targeted delivery of liposomes through surface modification, and (3) targeted tumor elimination by a localized alternating magnetic field.

A Universal Basis For Substitution

The same magnetic protein sequence can be matched with different tumor-specific promoters, surface modifications, and location of the localized alternating magnetic field to target other types of cancers.

Charity Sales

We collaborated with Tencent Charity to provide financial support for families suffering from cancer. The $1500 that we earned by selling our team merchandise went towards the three designated cancer families.

WeChat Sticker Pack

We created a sticker pack documenting our journey in the lab. We hope to provide scientists and aspiring STEM students with a more dynamic communication method. Please check them out on WeChat by searching ‘实验室小格’.