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All great research projects start with a problem, and biotech faces a big one!

Biotechnological systems that use modified microbes for production often work well in the lab, but fare poorly in the real world. Why? Production levels dwindle because microbial populations evolve to conserve resources for their own growth and do not favour energy expenditure on unnecessary product synthesis. This results in systems that are not scalable to industrial standards with production rates that decrease over time.

We have a solution!

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This years team is a diverse group of masters students with a variety of skills and interests, spanning bioinformatics, biomedical research, programming, science, writing and more. We’re self-motivated students who want to contribute to science. Together, we form an interdisciplinary team, working towards one goal: making biotechnological processes more sustainable! We will work in the Molecular Microbial Physiology lab at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and in close connection with the Faculty of Science from the Vrije University Amsterdam (VU).

Forbidden FRUITS

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