Forbidden FRUITS


Bioinformatics Workshop

Dennis and Samira helped the Leiden team with programming and computational work

Business Consultation

Samira, Robin, and Joris had a business consultation with Eugene from the Leiden Team to develop potential commercialization strategies for Forbidden FRUITS

Team Leiden Logo
Benelux Meetup

We participated in a conference organised by team Groningen for teams from the BeNeLux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg) region, we gave two presentations, one on our team project and another one on Linear Programming.

SDG Collaboration: #NoScienceNoFuture

We contributed a slide on how Forbidden FRUITS will work towards three Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as part of a collaboration by iGEM UPCH Peru 2020. Check the detail from wiki page of team UPCH Peru 2020

iJET - the paperplane that unites

We participated in the iJET video project that connected teams from across the world. This included a ten second clip of our team member Joris catching and throwing the infamous paper iJET, which is passed between 25+ teams in the video.

Watch the video here
Forbidden FRUIT Fruity Selfie Competition

We hosted a social media competition to promote our algorithm and publicize another team’s project on our page. Check the details on our Instagram.

Our favorite photo from our own team was this one of Dennis. His Colombian half really shines. ;)

Congrats on Team Nottingham 2020 winning the competition!! Featuring their action shot of a team member serving an apple on the tennis court.

Sugar Rush Challenge

We participated in this challenge and Samira baked apple pie and we posted to social media

See the post here
Postcards Challenge

We participated in the postcard challenge held by team Duesseldorf, by designing a postcard that would share our project (and some positivity) with people around the world. Check the challenge detail on their Instagram. And postcard made by us!


Forbidden FRUITS

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