Forbidden FRUITS

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Dennis Dekker

Database parsing and merging
Object Oriented Programming
Synechocystis PCC6803: mannitol
Wiki programming
Team leader

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Samira van den Bogaard

Linear programming
Synechocystis PCC6803: salicylic acid
Science and education

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Kelly Klomp

Strategy optimization
Object Oriented Programming
Synechocystis PCC6803: lactate
Science and education

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Robin Laird

Lactic acid bacteria research
Synechococcus UTEX 2973: lactate
Social media and graphic design
Film director
Student leader

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Mingdong Liu

Gene-Protein-Reaction Associations
Network Building
Object Oriented Programming
Wiki programming

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Joris Visser

Escherichia coli: Salicylic Acid
Wet lab
Project organization and communication
Market Research
Sequence Optimization

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Vicky Ramírez López

Cheap Lunch Strategies
Object Oriented Programming
24-well cultivator
Science communication

Our supervisors

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Dr. Filipe Branco dos Santos

The roots of Filipe are located in Portugal. He has been in the Netherlands for nearly two decades. In the past years he worked with a wide variety of microorganisms, but cyanobacteria are his little pets. Filipe is leading the Molecular Microbial Physiology (MMP) Group of SILS at the University of Amsterdam. He is doing an amazing job as a P.I., focused on pushing our ability to develop stable cell factories, which are key for humankind to move towards a sustainable future.

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Max Guillaume

Max the giant was a member of the previous iGEM team Amsterdam in 2017. Now he is a valuable supervisor and PhD student at the MMP group. His passion for biology stretches to the tattoo of a cyanobacterium on his arm. With the experience he gained in his previous iGEM adventure he set the level for Forbidden FRUITS. Max is the one who introduced us to linear programming, one of the essential parts of Forbidden FRUITS. If he is not in “The Office” he loves to binge watch series like the boys, where superheros are the bad guys.

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Joeri Jongbloets

If you have a question about programming and/or data analysis, you are looking for Joeri. With his software oriented background he is kind of the rare PhD cyanobacteria in the MMP fresh-water lake. Joeri has been involved in both previous iGEM Amsterdam teams in 2015 and 2017. He has done some amazing work on the backbone of Forbidden FRUITS. With his bright sharp view, he gives us critical, useful feedback which we very much welcome.

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Dr. Wei Du

Cloning expert Wei guided us through the wetlab projects. Cloning is one of his favorite topics, with his precise manner he is a great teacher. He is fascinated by applying synthetic biology approaches to design microbial systems and can’t wait to develop sustainable cell factories. With his patience, bright view and knowledge about the lab and literature he was the perfect supervisor for us as students.

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Wenyang Wu

Wenyang is a person with whom you can always have a laugh. Working under his supervision in the lab is a true pleasure. He claims to save people's lives by telling them not to do a PhD, but he is himself a PhD student at the MMP group.

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Hugo Pineda Hernandez

After participating in the iGEM competition in 2015, Hugo became a PhD student at the MMP group. With spanish roots he always provides us with the best spanish music at the lab. There is no question asked too much, he is always ready to help while rocking the most amazing socks.

Forbidden FRUITS

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