Plants & Health

Plants have been used as medicines and health products for thousand of years. Natural compounds in plants are extremely important substances in medicine and food, which keep us healthy and strong.

But extracting products from plants directly is inefficient and even lead to environmental crisis. Because of the environmental protection requirements, compounds needed in large quantities must be synthesized artificially.


Co-culture has advantages in synthesizing some products. But it is difficult to achieve the co-growth of two microorganisms with different growth conditions. We hope to achieve the co-culture of S.cerevisiae and E.coli through a double oscillatory growth mode. We develop model to verify its efficiency.

Fermentation Industry

The fermentation industry makes it possible that achieve both human health and plant protection. But the conditions of fermentation in laboratory are far from those of industrial application. In order to comprehend the actual production conditions and make our design more feasible, we visited workshop and field. And we got many suggestions from professionals.