Team:CAU China/Collaboration


Collaboration educational activity

This year, considering with epidemic, team Tsinghua, Tsinghua A, Peking, BNU-China, FAFU and CAU_China launched an online education course about synthetic biology. We aimed at looking for the possibility of online education about education and science communication and trying to spread synthetic biology knowledge and its prospect. The whole live show curriculum was hosted on Bilibili platform from 7:30-9:30 P.M. on August 5th to August 10th. We would also post the information on Wechat official account.

Our curriculum included introduction to synthetic biology, Synthetic biology and New Application/Therapeutic,Synthetic biology and Agriculture, Synthetic biology and Energy, Synthetic biology and Information/Art, Synthetic biology and Factory/Environment. During the live show, we would combine examples form iGEM project and other case studies with the courses. This would give audience a broad eyesight on synthetic biology in a friendly way. During this activity, we received great attention from society. Our activity received support and recognition from Beijing Municipal Education Commission Education and Research Center, Xicheng, Shunyi, Shijingshan, Fengtai and Daxing District Municipal Education Commission Education and Research Center. Our curriculum has 3500 audiences in average for each class and 20000 audience in a total. According to the after-class questionnaire result (see the result detail in our Education& Science Communication page), our collaboration educational curriculum made a great achievement.