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"Take you into synthetic biology" synthetic biology lecture
    On August 8, CAU iGEMers held a small science lecture event with the theme of "Take You into Synthetic Biology". Considering the safety issues in special period, we chose to use the "Tencent Conference" APP for online activities. The target population is young students who have little or no understanding of synthetic biology. The four CAU-iGEMers have checked relevant literature and the official website of iGEM, read relevant newspapers, and watched academic lecture videos to ensure the accuracy of the content. we combined the professional knowledge with the relatively lively expression, and combined with current events such as the information about COVID-19, then formed PPT and lecture notes that are easily accepted by the general population. During the event, we introduced the concept, history, influence, frontier development of synthetic biology, and its connection with the current reach about COVID-19 to the participants. During the event, the interactive atmosphere was active. After the event, we received positive feedback from the participants. Everyone expressed that they had a new understanding of synthetic biology and hoped to have more chance to learn related knowledge in the future.

    Link to our video: