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WeChat subscription account
    In order to introduce synthetic biology and iGEM to the public, and to further increase the influence of our team, we have established an exclusive subscription account for Zhongnong iGEM on WeChat. On the subscription account, we published many original articles related to our project In addition, we also used the subscription account to publish some activities that we participated in, such as the Beijing Communication Committee. Since the establishment of our subscription account in June, we have gained 50 fixed followers and published 15 original articles. The cumulative reading volume reached 2,336 times, and one of the articles which get the most reading volume has been read for 487 times. Through the promotion of the WeChat subscription account platform, it is not only that our project has received more widespread dissemination and attention, but also some content related to synthetic biology, the technology involved in our project and other content related to the project are presented to the public concisely and briskly.

    Our subscription account is an inheritable account. I believe that members who participate in iGEM in the future can benefit from our work and develop this subscription account better, allowing it to play a greater role in Human Practice, Science Communication and Education parts.

Bilibili video application
    In China, Bilibili video application is one of the most popular applications among young people. There are many high-quality video resources and articles in Bilibili. Our team fully considered the feature of Bilibili which is widely popular among young people, and registered a Bilibili account for the first time, hoping to let more people know about our project, learn about iGEM and learn about synthetic biology by watching our videos on Bilibili.

    We uploaded two videos on Bilibili through our new account. One of the videos is an animated video to introduce our project to the public. The video is completed by our members’ original design, drawing, editing, and dubbing. It lasts three minutes and 53 seconds. It briefly introduces our project design to the public. Another video is a lecture course named "Take you into Synthetic Biology", which covers the history of synthetic biology, synthetic biology and COVID-19, the impact of synthetic biology and the cutting-edge technology of synthetic biology. This lecture was also completed by our members who originally wrote their speeches and produced their slides. After we recorded and edited the whole process of the lecture, we finally presented the final version of the high-quality lecture of 49 minutes and 39 seconds’ video.

    Our account is very young, but the videos we uploaded have been carefully produced and edited. We believe that through such an application where most of the users are young people, iGEM and synthetic biology will be more widely spread.