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CSMU - iGem




Jian-An, Pan: Team Leader and Wet Lab Member

  • Handled a variety of administrative tasks, including registration and collaborations with other teams
  • Order the sequence of our experiments from Mission Biotech and IDT
  • Primer design
  • Conduct experiment (invertase activity)
  • Presentation: host

Cheng-Yang, Ma: Vice Leader and Dry Lab Leader

  • Modelling
  • Wiki design and website management
  • Run NUPACK analysis and Vienna RNA Package to predict the structures of sequences
  • Presentation: design

Yi-Ching, Chen: Wet Lab Leader

  • Design and arrange main experiment process and schedule
  • Search papers about in vitro protein synthesis
  • Purchase experimental materials
  • Main experiments sequence design

Hung-Yu, Chen: Wet Lab Member

  • One of our social media editor
  • Wet lab member: perform contribution and improve experiment
  • Part registry
  • Public engagement: visit Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation, Taiwan Instrument Research Institute, and Dr. Jau-Song Yu.
  • Presentation: the part of public engagement

Huan-Jui, Chang: Wet Lab Member

  • Wet lab member: design the experiments of Contribution and Improve
  • Part registry
  • Measurement
  • Proof of concept
  • Design some of toehold switches sequence
  • Public engagement: visit Health Promotion Administration and Dr. Jau-Song Yu.

Dai-Rou, Lee: HP and Science Communication Leader

  • One of our social media editor
  • Hold HP and science communication events
  • Collaborate with iGEM team NCKU_Tainan2020
  • Deal with administration and finance management for our team

Hung-Liang, Pai: Wet Lab Member

  • Measurement
  • Proof of concept
  • Organize experiment notebook
  • Establish protocols
  • Presentation: experiment description

Tzu-Hsuan, Hsiao: IHP Leader

  • Conduct interviews and assists the project to evolve through the process
  • Assisted with protocol design and wet lab work
  • Fund-raising and financial management
  • Contact with the institutions and the individuals for Integrated Human Practice
  • Presentation: inspiration

Matilda, Key: Graphic Designer

  • One of our social media editor
  • Art editor
  • Draw all the pictures we need in our wiki, poster, and presentation
  • Make poster
  • Film promotion and presentation videos
  • Wet lab member
  • Fund-raising

Cheng-Ruei, Yang: Wet Lab Member

  • Fill out Safety Form & check-in form
  • Wet lab member: Conduct experiments on Contribution and Improve
  • Part registry
  • Demonstrations
  • Public engagement: visit Dr. Jau-Song Yu and share synthetic biology to the students at Ming Dao High School


Hsin-Jung, Lee

  • Give us lots of useful advice about wiki, experiments, and teamwork. Help us contact with experts and sponsors

Kuan-Lin, Chen

  • Share dry lab experience with us and give advice to our wiki writing

Ting-Yu, Lin (iGEM 2019)

  • Share experiments and ideas with us. Give us advice about wiki, poster, and presentation. Share his experience in igem

Ting-Yu, Lin (iGEM 2017)

  • Give us lots of useful advice about team management. Share lots of experiments and ideas with us.

Shao-Chi, Lo

  • Share ideas with us. Give us advice about our topic. Share his experience in iGEM

Ho-Lo, Huang

  • Give us lots of useful advice about the topic and teamwork and help us revise our wiki pages

Shen-Lin, Chen

  • Share dry lab experience. Teach us how to do the modeling work

Kuo-Chen, Huang

  • Help us in programming and give lots of advice about wiki


Dr. Yu-Fan, Liu

  • He teaches us how to apply software that could predict RNA structure. In addition, he gives us lessons on lab safety from time to time. He also provides advice on presentation, safety form and the whole project.

Dr. Yi-Hsien, Hsieh

  • He teaches us the knowledge of carrying out biochemical experiments and instructs us to communicate with gene synthesis companies and other biotech companies. Besides, he provides lab space, materials, equipment, and other laboratory resources to us.

Dr. Wen-Wei, Chang

  • He helps us contact with lots of experts and sponsors. At the early stage we brainstormed our topics, he taught us lots of detect methods for reference.

Dr. Chun-Cheng, Chen

  • For all the parts about Dentistry, Dr. Chen Chun Cheng teaches us a lot. He instruct us on the details of oral cancer and its current situation in Taiwan.

Dr. Ming-Che, Tsai

  • The dean of CSMU. He helps us contact with our sponsors and give us lots of assistance with administration. With his help, we can deal with many financial affairs in the name of CSMU, which simplified many time-consuming processes about team expenditure.


National Education Radio

  • Give us the chance to share synthetic biology and our experience in iGEM to public

Health Promotion Administration

  • Tell us the current situation of oral cancer in Taiwan

National Museum of Natural Science

  • Give us the chance to share synthetic biology with the public

Taiwan Instrument Research Institute

  • Give us the recommendation of how to commercialize our products

Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation

  • Share several examples with us and let us know how patients with oral cancer feel.

Prof. Alexander A. Green

  • The original designer of toehold switches. He shared his experience of designing toehold switches and give us a lot of useful information

Dr. Yu-Feng, Huang

  • Point out the current problem in oral cancer detection and give recommendations to our project

Dr. Yu-Chao, Chang

  • Give us lots of suggestions about our topic and our final product

Prof. Jiann-Jou, Yang

  • Professor and head of department for biomedical science in CSMU Taiwan. He provided us critical feedback on the topic of measurement, contribution, and improvement.

Dr. Jau-Song, Yu

  • The professor of Chang Gung Molecular Medicine Research Center. He shares his experience about his research and the process of commercializing his invention

Kan-Jen, Tsai

  • Professor and President for International Affairs. He shares his own experience of operating a biotech company and tells us what a biotech company really consider.

Yi-Jun, Lan

  • Advisor and former wet lab leader of iGEM NCKU_Tainan. He gave us suggestions toward the data presentation in measurement.

   our sponsors   

  • SnapGene

  • IDT (Integrated DNA Technologies)

  • Lee Foundation on Adolescent Medicine and Health

  • Sun Ya-Fu Medical Foundation

  • Happy Life Foundation

  • Chung Shan Medical University