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Two Biobricks were cloned and characterized this summer in lab. The first one is the stable_YFP_LOV which encodes a small (11 kDa) thermostable Yellow Fluorescent Protein. The second biobrick corresponds to the HuGenesS knt-gfp predicted to confer resistance to aminoglycoside antibiotics and to encode a Green Fluorescent Protein. The HuGenesS was obtained first in silico with the software Cameos developped to generate two overlapping coding sequences that are read in different reading frames.
Both parts were cloned into the plasmid pBAD24-MoClo using Golden Gate assembly and characterized using flow cytometry and antibiogrammes when applicable.

Part biobricks code


Coding sequences

Vector used

BBa K3427000


thermostable Yellow Fluorescence Protein


BBa K3427001


One of the HuGenesS designed, cloned, and characterized by our team:
entangled genes knt and gfp predicted to encode aminoglycoside resistance and Green Fluorescence Protein, respectively.


Florent annotated tubes Florent and Mathieu wore IDT sequences in hands

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