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Alice Caron

I'm Alice CARON, happy to be part of the iGEM GO Paris Saclay 2020 team! This year ended with my Bachelor's degree in Biology and I can't wait to start a new year which is going to be very busy! I find this competition fabulous thanks to the meetings and the discoveries it allows us to make. True to myself, I am mainly in charge of the organization of inter-team projects. One thing that defines me? It's probably the sun, and the blue of the sky and the sea of my home! Have fun and I hope to see you soon!

Katerine Aleksenko

Hello! I'm Katerine ALEKSENKO, future scientist, human being full of curiosity and lover of cool hats. I have a Bachelors' degree in Biology and I'm currently doing my Masters' in Life Sciences and Health. I've wanted to take part in the iGEM competition ever since I've heard about it a few years ago - doing sciency stuff with a group of bright and motivated people is an awesome experience! Since I'm starting my M2 in Systems and Synthetic Biology, joining the GO Paris-Saclay team was practically fate. I'm mostly involved in the presentation of our project - creating the wiki, making videos and writing texts. Nice to meet everyone, and hope you have a lovely iGEM experience this year! Stay safe, and let the best team win!


Hi there!
My name is Nathan CHATELET ! I am doing my Master's degree in Materials and Energy. Why am I here in IGEM competition? Because I and the team want to improve your daily lives. I'm not a biologist but I have web site competences.
Have Fun !!

Guillaume GARNIER

Hey, I'm Guillaume GARNIER, Master's student in Mathematics.
My hobby is equations, especially when you can relate them to biology. In the team, I work on the modeling aspect of the project.

Godefroy GLAUDE

Hey, I'm Godefroy GLAUDE, laboratory technician, third-year Bachelor's student in Health Biology, and also a summer camp leader.
Motivated to pursue a PhD in fundamental genetics. Within the GO Paris-Saclay team, I am part of the laboratory team and presented at certain public events.


Hi, I am Maxime MAHOUT!!
I've got a Bachelor’s degree in both Computer science and Biology, I just finished my master degree and I'm currently preparing to start a PhD in Computational Biology! As a member of the iGEM 2020 GO Paris-Saclay team, I'm involved with computational work, modelling and teaching, and I help out with Human Practices. I like having a lot of fun with programming, especially if it's related to biology! Nice to meet you all!


Hi !
I'm Mathieu NAIRABEZE. I have got a Bachelor's degree in Biology and Chemistry and a first Year of a Master Degree in Health Sciences. Next year, I will be in the second year of this Master'degree with a speciality in Microbiology and Biological Engineering. I wanted to integrate this amazing competition to exchange with other (scientist) students. I hope that will be a great experience !
GO GO and have results.

Clémentine SEJOTTE

Hi! I'm Clémentine SEJOTTE !
I just finished my 2nd year of my Bachelor's degree in Biology. Next year will be absolutely amazing: I will prepare a Magistère’s degree of Biology and my 3rd year of my Bachelor’s degree in Biology. On the one hand, this year, I have been deciding to be in iGEM GO Paris-Saclay team in order to meet friendly scientists. On the other hand, I would like to learn more in the lab.
Nice to meet you every iGEMERs!

Baptiste ORTHEAU

Hi !
I am Baptiste ORTHEAU, a second year Biology student who aims at pursuing research. As part of the iGEM GO Paris Saclay team, I am involved in lab work! For me, Biology is more than an interest, it’s lifestyle and I am always seeking how Biotechnology could improve our society !
Come with us !

 Delphine POLVÉ

Hi ! I’m Delphine POLVÉ, part of iGEM 2020 GO_Paris-Saclay Team !
I just finished my Bachelor's degree in Biology. A crazy year awaits me with the simultaneous preparation of a Master's degree in Physiology and Physiopathology. But for this year 2020, I'm making the most of the iGEM experience! As part of the team, I am particularly involved in Human Practices, communication, and Funding. If there's one fun thing to remember about me, it's that I love food.
Enjoy iGEM and have fun !


Yo ! I'm Florent POUBANNE. I just obtained my Bachelor's degree in Biology and now I’m preparing my first year of Master's in Microbiology. I integrated IGEM GO Paris-Saclay 2020 team because I had nothing special to do so I thought "Why not, it could be fun" (and it is). If I had one thing to say about me I would say... genius, handsome and fabulous. (no I’m joking I’m just a genius)
I hope you’ll enjoy the competition as much as I enjoy it and don’t be too saddened when we’ll win the first price. 😉


Hello! I’m Ines YOUSFI, team leader with Alice. Everywhere in the labs, communication, sponsors and HP teams. I just finished my Bachelor’s degree in Biology and started my Master’s degree in Microbiology in Lyon (another French city). I am really glad to be part of iGEM because it made me learn a lot about synthetic biology as well as project management. It also allowed me to meet a lot of really nice and smart people from other iGEM teams like Marburg, UCSC and the other Parisian teams. Everything about iGEM is enriching (even the stress haha) !


Hi, I am Ibrahim SOUMANA ADAMOU in Master’s degree in Genetics, Cellular and Molecular Biology.
I wanted to discover the scientific world in the laboratory to get an idea of my future career and I am delighted to be there

Principal Instructors

Ombeline ROSSIER

Dr. Ombeline ROSSIER. I am an associate professor at the University Paris-Saclay where I teach biochemistry, microbiology and, of course, synthetic biology. I am proud to be one of the coaches of the iGEM GO Paris-Saclay team 2020. When I teach, I love to set students in an authentic situation and what could be more authentic than working together on a project that you design from scratch! I love to see the energy and the intrinsic motivation of the team members, from 1st year Bachelor students to Master students. The process is often quite messier than I would like, but what emerges from the blend of experiences and disciplines is often a very pleasant surprise. All teaching should be done this way!

Philippe BOULOC

Dr. Philippe BOULOC. I run a laboratory at the Institute for Integrative Biology of the Cell (I2BC) on the campus of the University of Paris-Saclay. We study bacterial regulations with a focus on regulatory RNAs. For many years, I have pleasure of advising students to set up new iGEM projects, a fantastic way for them to learn biology and more.

Stéphanie BURY-MONE

Pr. Stéphanie BURY-MONE. I run a Master 2 in Microbiology on the campus of the University of Paris-Saclay. I am passionate about the dynamics of the microbial genomes that I study at the institute for Integrative Biology of the Cell (I2BC).
Like Philippe and Ombeline, for many years, I have pleasure of supervising the iGEMers. All the best!


 Laetitia MAROC

Laetitia MAROC, PhD student and coach of iGEM GO Paris Saclay 2020 team. True globetrotter, you'll find her in the USA, Costa Rica or in a laboratory in Orsay.


Téo HEBRA, PhD student and coach of iGEM GO Paris Saclay 2020 team! I’m currently exploring specialized metabolism of microorganisms with mass spectrometry approaches. I used to be an iGEMer back in the days, and choose to come back as a coach to help, share and experiment iGEM competition in a different position and stay in touch with the SynBio!


Luis RAMIREZ, PhD student at the Paris Saclay University. I study bacteriophage genetics and want to contribute to the synthetic biology through the iGEM.

Team members + PI
Team Members

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