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Below is a list of the results obtained both in silico and in the laboratory.

More informations on how these results were achieved can be found in the related links.

1) We installed CAMEOS and ran it successfully (Link)

2) We developed software to streamline input and output processes (Software page)

3) We generated 12 gene entanglements using CAMEOS (Link)

4) We analyzed the variants and selected 6 variants to be tested by us in the lab, and six to be tested by a researcher in metabolic engineering eager on adopting gene entanglement (Link)

5) We succeeded in cloning and characterizing one of these variants, but it was not functional (Knt-GFP HuGenesS)

6) We explained the mathematical tools behind CAMEOS and suggested other tools that could improve it (Model Page)

7) We developed a tutorial course on using CAMEOS (Cameos Course)

8) We developed a workshop on DNA for the general public (DNA workshops)

9) We cloned and characterized a new Biobrick, that encodes a small thermostable fluorescent protein (stable_YFP_LOV part)

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