Team:IISER-Tirupati India

Coli Kaze

Combating the problem of Antimicrobial Resistance due to antibiotic pollution.

Antimicrobial Resistance

As the overuse of antibiotics in farming grows, pathogens are becoming more and more resistant to the same

According to a review by the UK government, Antimicrobial Resistance is going to overtake cancer as a cause of death by the year 2050. Not to mention that AMR comes with its own host of side effects, such as worsening the covid situation.

Choose disease(s) to enlighten

Be safe. Not sorry.

Ensuring that overused antibiotics from poultry feed do not enter into the environment in the first place.

Who we are

A hodgepodge group of students from various backgrounds

We are the 2020 iGEM team from the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Tirupati. We are students from all the major science backgrounds led by Prof. BJ Rao , Dr. Raju Mukherjee and Prof. G.Ambika. As each one brings their own quirks to the team dynamic, so do they bring their own talents.

Human Practices

Integrating human practices and a robust outreach programme is what elevates a good project to an impactful one

Our project would not be remotely as successful without our IHP and our outreach. Click the buttons to your right to read more.