Team:IISER-Tirupati India/Wiki


All our hard work paid off seeing this wiki made. The wiki could succesfully be developed because of the amount of help we received from outside sources. Here, we thank the iGEM X JOGL platform that provided us a chance to collaborate with Gaurav Singh who is a full stack web developer and he helped us achieve a great many number of parameters of our wiki.

Some pages of the website highlight ‘mandalas’ which were made using the ‘Warli’ art form. ‘Warli’ is a tribal artform that originated and is practiced in the state of Maharashtra, India. The artform greatly values mother nature and wildlife for the resources they provide to sustain life on Earth. It takes use of very simple geometrical structures to highlight the importance of sustainable development and proper resource utilisation, sustaining all life forms in a blooming ecosystem.

The wiki was developed using HTML, CSS and JS (the usual suspects). As any wiki designer would probably tell you, w3schools was a great resource, and so was various other parts of the internet (like stackoverflow). Adobe Dreamweaver was used to visuallize the html and css while editing, and GitHub and jsfiddle were of great help in collaborations with Gaurav.