Team:IISER-Tirupati India/Parts


This page contains the list of parts used in our project. Due to the restrictions imposed by COVID-19 and the inaccessibility to laboratory we could not conduct experiments with and characterise any of the parts. These parts have been thoughtfully designed and carefully modelled. However, we plan to characterise these parts in the Phase II of our project. These literature data on each of these parts have been well documented in registry.

In addition, partnership with Team iGEM IONIS Paris helped us conduct some experiments and get clones. However, the clones are yet to be confirmed by sequencing and characterised, which could not be done due to time limitations.

Here are the list of parts for our project which were designed by collective effort of the team and were added to the registry by Omkar Mohapatra.

NameTypeDescription Designer Length
BBa_K3519000 Coding sulX Omkar Mohapatra 1272 bp
BBa_K3519001 Coding sulR Omkar Mohapatra 585 bp
BBa_K3519002 Coding traS Omkar Mohapatra 522 bp
BBa_K3519003 Coding traT Omkar Mohapatra 735 bp
BBa_K3519004 Coding DNASEI Omkar Mohapatra 867 bp
BBa_K3519006 Composite medium promoter-sulX Omkar Mohapatra 1470 bp
BBa_K3519007 Composite medium promoter-sulR Omkar Mohapatra 783 bp
BBa_K3519008 Composite medium promoter-traS Omkar Mohapatra 720 bp
BBa_K3519009 Composite medium promoter-traT Omkar Mohapatra 933 bp
BBa_K3519010 Composite araC-araBAD promoter Omkar Mohapatra 1469 bp
BBa_K3519011 Composite araC-araBAD promoter-mRFP Omkar Mohapatra 2318 bp
BBa_K3519012 Composite araC-araBAD promoter-DNASEI Omkar Mohapatra 2479 bp