Team:IISER Bhopal


How is Diabetes caused?

A chronic disease that
has impacted over
463 million people

But we have a solution


We are creating a pill containing enhanced probiotic bacteria capable of producing insulin in-vivo to help diabetes patients and replace insulin injections.

Gold Medal Winners for 2020

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The BIG PIE aims to replace the need for insulin injections with a probiotic alternative that produces beta-like cells inside the body. Our iβeta aims to help the patient tackle diabetes conveniently, comfortably but most importantly safely. To understand the details of our design stage which aims to maximise the safety and accuracy of our pill.


As a project on therapeutics track we wanted to make our product as useful for the end-user as possible. Our HP interactions were diverse ranging from technical assistance to better our project, safety assistance to ensure the protection and convenience of the patient, market requirements and competition. Every step of our project has been thoroughly vetted and guided by experts and users who were well versed with our project and have actively shared their opinions to improve it. To know more about the human story of our project.


It was a long journey from the BIG PIE in the lab to iBETA in the product which involved clinical trials, drug design, entrepreneurship aspects ranging from product entry, costing, competition, all the way to growing the company and understanding its niche. Every step of the way has been clearly documented in this section.


Safety is an essential part of iGEM. As a therapeutic, we had to consider all possible safety issues the project has presented. We have tried our utmost to tackle every single one of the safety issues that could arise from introducing our genetically modified bacteria into the human body and then the environment.