Team:IISER Bhopal/Attributions



“The technology of synthetic biology is currently accelerating at four times the rate of Moore’s Law.
It’s been doing that since 2005, and it’s likely to continue.”
- Stewart Brand


Soumyajit Chatterjee

Contributed to the coding aspects of Modelling.

Tanmay Bhore

Helped with the mathematical modelling of drug absorption.

Sukrit Chawla

Made the project promotion video and other short videos for the team wiki and Instagram. Helped with outreach for Science communication.

Saksham Jain

Helped contact schools for Outreach and contributed to the Medium Blog.

Anurag Yadav

Contributed to designs and graphics for the iGEM Wiki.

Anurag Chittawar

Lead Editor for iGEM IISERB’s Medium publication BiteSized Biology.
Helped in editing and circulating ‘GENOS’, our e-Magazine.
Helped in Outreach programmes and Education.

Ishita Gupta

Managed Social Media handles,
helped conduct Webinars.

Ashwin Ananthanarayanan

Contributed to the Medium Blog.

Manas M. Joshi

Helped contact schools for outreach and contributed to the Medium Blog.

Aditi Chaudhari

Helped contact schools for outreach and contributed to the Medium Blog. Also helped make videos for science communication.

Amey Danole

Contributed to the Medium Blog.

Sonam Kulkarni

Co-conducted a webinar for outreach for high school students about Synthetic Biology and wrote content for the outreach youtube videos for science communication.

S. Gangothri

Contributed to the iGem youtube videos part of Science Communication and Education.

Prajwal Bharadwaj

Contributed to Outreach and Science Communication by contacting schools and conducting webinars and other events.
Helped make design improvements to the Wiki.
Helped the Team with the Crowd-funding.
Helped brainstorm project ideas when the team was just starting out.

Yatharth Pal

Helped in making videos for iGEM for Science communication/Education and Presentation video for the Giant jamboree.

Kanishk Harde

Helped debug the wiki code and with content edits.

Shubham Gavhane

Helped debug wiki code and with content edits.

We would like to thank Padmanav Baruah, Atharv Ambekar, Aditya Ojha, Soumya Sanjay Kumar, Akanksha Singh for helping organize Quizzes, Webinars etc. We also appreciate the support from the Science Council, IISERB.

We would also like to thank the IISERB Community and our Friends & Family for supporting us and our efforts to win the MolecularCloud Sponsorship.

Clubs and Teams

Helped organize & host quizzes, webinars etc. Extended moral support.

Informally helped and extended support for various aspects.

  1. Dr. Sandip Kumar Agarwal and Ishu Saraogi: Helped design the Survey for HP.
  2. Dr. John C. March: Advised us on the usage of Ecoli Nissle and T3SS system for the duodenum region.
  3. Dr. JP Devraj: Guided us with the Immunological aspects of our project.
  4. Dr. Chaitanya Athale: Requested us to look into the multiple biosafety aspects apart from Kill switch.
  5. Dr. Ishaan Gupta: Pointed out that we need to work on polyprotein sequence which led to major modifications in our construct.
  6. Dr. Bertrand Touissant: Whether T3SS is safe for our gut systems.
  7. Dr. Pascal Falter-Braun: Directed us towards T3SS literature that would be useful for the project.
  8. Dr. Rati Sharma: Modelling advice
  9. Dr. Lavanya Bhagvatula: Guidance for documentation and planning to complete medal criteria.
  10. Dr. Bharti Jain, Advocate and Patent Agent: Provided valuable inputs on the Patent handbook.
  11. Mr. Devarajan Raman: Company Secretary and Insolvency Professional: Provided valuable inputs while developing the business plan for our product.
  12. Mr. Sunil Kulshrestha, Public Relations Officer, CDSCO: Provided valuable advice regarding the classification of our drug.
  13. Ms. Lalitha Gowda: Provided guidance for GMO policy work.
  14. PhD student Priyabrata Nag: Helped with structural modelling of proteins.
  15. Pavitra Ramdas, Senior Research Fellow at IISERB helped in early stages of the project.
Wiki design and code snippets