Team:IISER Bhopal/Team

iGEM 2020 || IISER_Bhopal Team


Team leaders
  • Chief Awesomeness Officer

    Prerita Chawla

    Keep Calm and Go Get'em

  • Head Honcho

    Rohan Dandavate

    Quotes are a mind control scam.

  • Director of first impressions

    Hitaishi Desai

    Unwarranted complications often lead to disgusting results.

  • Paranoid in chief

    Harinarayanan Kottala

    Hakuna Matata!!

  • Computational Wizard

    Raibat Sarker

    "Life is a chemical incident"
    - Paul Ehrlich

  • Chief Geek

    Sebin Abraham

    Se Bi N - an inborn chemist, a mysterious Clever Cobra

Wiki work
  • Lead Code Wizard

    Ruchir Gupta

    Just another bunch of confused atoms

Technical Design
  • Viceroy of research

    Shashaank G

    Motivated and driven
    (for about five minutes a day)

  • Empress of Problem Solving

    Priya Sharma

    Too many open tabs in my brain

  • Wiz Kid

    Kedar Bhosale

    Create and follow your own star.

Human Practices and Outreach
  • Chief Swiss Army Knife

    Archit Devarajan

    Your Limitation - It's only your Imagination

  • SynBio Alchemist

    Rishana Farin S

    Chaos is a friend of mine

  • Oxford Comma Destroyer

    Rita Abani

    Chaos and symmetry go hand in hand !

  • Advisor

    Anish Ganju

    Ex iGEMer

Principal Investigators

Atul Kumar


Chandan Sahi