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iGEM 2020 || IISER_Bhopal Collaborations


S.U.G.A.R. Rush

Since our project dealt with Diabetes, before announcing the project we started dropping teasers about it. During a team meeting, a teammate joked that ‘we enable people to have diabetes and still enjoy sweets’ that transformed into Sugar Rush! A global Instagram challenge to showcase delicacies from all around the world and the cooking skills of intrepid iGEMers. What followed was a few weeks of a feast for the eyes.

All India iGEM Meet 2020

Our team took initiative to organize the All India iGEM Meet and was later a part of the core organizing team. Members of the team were involved in moderating and hosting various events, managing technical aspects of the meet, etc. As a part of casual events of AIIM, we organized a Synthetic Biology Quiz which had a participation of around 150 iGEMers and non-iGEMers.

Mentoring IIT Roorkee

As a third-time iGEM Team and having members involved with iGEM 2018 & 2019, we offered help to various teams in whatever capacity we could. The relationship with IIT Roorkee expanded to a formal mentorship and we discussed various aspects of the iGEM process on a frequent basis. We started discussions about our projects a long time ago and helped each other with improving and understanding different elements of projects.

Korea HS - Instagram

We collaborated with Korea HS by participating in their quarantine themed Instagram project. The objective of their project was to create a sense of community even through the pandemic and make it easier for teams to reach out to each other.

Sound of iGEM

iGEM offers a unique opportunity to interact with students from around the globe with similar interests. Music is an integral part of working long hours in the lab, doing detailed computational work and if we can be so bold to say so, life itself. We felt that creating a common playlist of the songs that various teams enjoy while working together would define the ‘Sound of iGEM’ for all of us. We created a Spotify playlist in which songs were added by a number of teams and soon we had a soundtrack of 50 songs.

Science Magazine Collab

‘GENOS’ - Making a difference On Transformation at a Time. A collaboration to bring back the nostalgia of the 70’s magazine to the virtual world. From art, poetry to articles and videos. With Synthetic Biology content from iGEM iBowu China & iGEM TU Delft we’ve collaborated and compiled the most creative and informative SynBio pieces in one magazine to cater to our wide audience of curious SynBio enthusiasts. Keeping it homely and relatable we even have introductions and certain pieces in regional languages to spread the love for synthetic biology in diverse languages.

SYNBIO101 - Synthetic Biology Videos for Education

In collaboration with iGEM MRIIRS, we created a synthetic biology video series for our viewers and student groups, which is currently on both teams’ YouTube channel and Instagram.

iGEM IISER Bhopal SynBio101

Quiz Fundraiser with iGEM Moscow

The iGEM team lent its support to their institute quiz club with Quiz for a Cause which was a fundraiser for families affected by the Lockdown. Several iGEM Teams extended their support by spreading the word while some others participated, one of which was iGEM Moscow.

Meet with ShanghaiTech_iGEM

As part of our Integrated Human Practices, we had intended to build an app for diabetes patients. Our interaction with Shanghai Tech proved to be very fruitful for the same. Unfortunately, due to data limitations, we were unable to build the app, but our communication with them helped us understand the information and resources required to complete the project. Learning about their project work was also very beneficial and gave us a fresh perspective on the work in diabetes from other iGEM teams.