Team:Jiangnan China/Attributions

Team members
The journey of iGEM finally come to an end. Along our way, we have been offered favorable support from School of Biotechnology, Jiangnan University and experts from all walks of life.
First and foremost, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to those giving comments and suggestions, without whom we would face great challenges and our project would not go this smoothly.
Second, we would like to thank Conference of China iGEMer Community for the platform, through which communications with other teams become much more convenient.
Finally, thank would be delivered to those who help us with our project again, not only for their effectual advice, but also their kindness.
Team members
Anqi Peng
Project Leader, responsible for organizing team work, collecting information and updating Wiki.
Tingan Zhou
Student from School of Biotechnology, in charge of the part of Human Practice which is focused on field surveys and social researches helping design and modify experiments. Apart from HP, he also helped with designing cyanobacteria degradation experiment to evaluate the efficiency of different ratios of lactone/acid sophorolipid.
Jieyu Chu
Student from School of Biotechnology, mainly responsible for arranging lab works and completing the experimental portion of the project. Grasping the project proportion, experimental designing and experimental reports are all parts of her work. Besides, she helped with writing articles for the Wechat official account and monthly newsletter of our team.
Ruoqing Yang
Student from School of Biotechnology, mainly bore responsibility for the promotion video and presentation video besides the operation of Bilibili account. In her free time, she was willing to help with the experiments.
Ying Zhang
Student from School of Biotechnology, mainly in charge of our official account which released subscription articles regularly online and conducted experiments in the lab. She also designed invitation and roll up banner for our meetings.
Meiqi Wu
Student from School of Biotechnology, a member of Human Practice in charge of the questionnaire survey, in which collected the information (concerns and problems) and tried to find the possible solutions for them.
Zhihang Zhang
Student in School of Biotechnology, in charge of collecting and updating the information about parts and helped with the experiments in the lab.
Hongyu Ren
Student from School of Biotechnology, helped Ruoqing Yang with the preparation and shoot of the videos. Plus, helped with the experiments in the lab.
Pengwei Wang
Student from School of Pharmaceutical Science, Jiangnan University, in charge of the dubbing for the videos and recording the indispensable information for the Notebook module.
Yumin Feng
Student from School of Pharmaceutical Science, mainly responsible for the modelling.
Zitong Tang
Student from School of Biotechnology,responsible for the collaboration part.Communicated with other teams to seek and manage cooperation.Also,in charge of writing popular science articles for WeChat public account.
Ruoxuan Lyu
Student from School of Design, Jiangnan University, artistic designer, helped our team for the design of periodical and poster.
Nuowen Mai
Student from School of Design, joined hands with Jiahua Xia for the Wiki design and with Ruoqing Yang for the video post-production.
Jiahua Xia
Student from School of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science, Jiangnan University, in charge of the Wiki construction.
Chao Liao
Student from School of Biotechnology, mainly responsible for the Safety and Wiki.
Primary PI
Yuanyuan Xia
Instruct the overall work for our team. Help with modification of experiment and daily work. Guide regulatory elements’ construction and provide advices when the project comes across problems. Provide ideas for experimental consideration and video making.
Secondary PI
Xianzhong Chen
Provide us with the lab site. Make unique suggestions and give detailed experimental advices for project. Contact with other iGEM teams and outside agencies. Give professional advice on our work.
Haiquan Yang
Instruct of lab work. Give professional advice on molecular biology. Help with parts construction. Coordinating all aspects of preparation during the whole process.
We could not thank enough for the advisors in our team for their support in every possible way, including but not limited to below.
Yibo Shi
Instruct lab members in experimental operation and gives some professional advice on experimental design.
Jiahua Fang
Offer useful advice on organizing team, collect information and handle with both external and internal communication.
Jianing Zhang
Help with the modelling of our project and give some advice on lab works.
Yaxin Li
Give ideas about HP and give advice on launching a meetup.
Hanqiao Wu
Give some advice on modelling.
Jingrui Hou
Give some advice about project planning. In charge of logistics.
Yunlong Zhang
Contact with the government and other departments.
General Support
We would like to thank School of Biotechnology and Jiangnan University for their constant support and help us tackle all the possible problems we confronted during our project.
Plus, thanks for their kind help and support during our long journey:
School of Environment and Civil Engineering, Jiangnan University
School of Environment and Safety Engineering, Jiangsu University
Huishan Ecological Environment Bureau, Wuxi city, Jiangsu Province
SZU-China, Shenzhen University, Shenzhen city
Worldshaper-Nanjing, Nanjing city
Jilin_China, Jilin University
BUCT, Beijing city, Beijing University of Chemical Technology