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New Data
Testing the Strength of the Promoter by GFP in Starmerella bombocola
The green fluorescent protein (GFP) gene can be used as reporter gene and express in Starmerella bombocola. We want to use it to test the strength of promoters.
We built a device(BBa_K3402050) and transfer the expression cassette into Starmerella bombocola to observe the fluorescence intensity. This device consists of the promoter, the GFP gene(BBa_K3402000) and a terminator with the constructed vector. Besides, the hygromycin resistance gene was also constructed into the plasmid as the marker gene to determine if the transformation is successful.
The transformed yeast was coated on a plate containing hygromycin. After 48 hours of incubation, the existed transformants were performed fluorescence observation and transcriptome analysis. As a result, the expression of the GFP gene in Starmerella bombocola is completed. Finally, we can link different promoters to yeGFP to know the strength of promoters by testing different fluorescence intensity of different promoters.
Fig.1 | a) Fluorescence intensity of different promoters. b) Transcription levels of different promoters. c) GFP gene was successfully expressed in Starmerella bombocola.
In summary, GFP gene was successfully heterogeneously expressed in Starmerella bombicola, so it could be used as a reporter gene in the promoter screening experiment.

[1] Marchant R, Banat IM. Biosurfactants: a sustainable replacement for chemical surfactants.Biotechnology Letters,2012,34(9):1597-1605.
[2] Van Bogaert I, Saerens K, De Muynck C, Develter D, Soetaert W, Ej.Microbial production and application of sophorolipids. Applied Microbiology & Biotechnology, 2007, 76(1): 23-24.
New Host Strain
We have developed a CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing system for Starmerella bombicola, which can be used as chassis cells to produce other high-value-added products.To learn more, please click here.
Participating in iGEM is totally a thrilling adventure, with exploring through the undiscovered forests and defeating the monsters along the way. The previous “expedition squads” have conquered some of them while we determined to a new one. Thankfully, armed with powerful weapons and knowing the weaknesses of the enemy, see how we take advantage of them to defeat It.
Communicate with Factories
Difficulties we encountered when trying to get some information by communicating with factories:
There are few factories producing Sophorolipid.
Most of the factories are reluctant to share mainly due to the technical confidentiality.
If few factories produce the target product, choose similar factories. For example, our target product sophorolipid is a biosurfactant. With few factories as choices, we turned to factories that produce other surfactants, and their questions and suggestions are of certain reference value.
If the factory is not willing to communicate in depth, we can choose to conduct market research from the Internet.
If possible, work with government agencies so that there are no technology leaks involved, and provide the government with solutions to environmental problems.
Contact the factories with the help of our teachers, when having no access, for some of them are cooperating with Professors’ labs.
Internet Education
Different publicity methods have different coping strategies and for different groups we have different promotion measures. For those who have access to Internet, we share passages in Wechat public account. Plus, periodicals were released to high school students.
Different publicity methods have different coping strategies and for different groups we have different promotion measures. For those who have access to Internet, we share passages in Wechat public account. Plus, periodicals were released to high school students.
No.1 Before writing the article, understand the main idea thoroughly though it takes lots of time. So adjust the mentality. Each extracurricular learning is an opportunity to learn more knowledge and exercise their learning ability.
Fig.1 a) At first, we divided the articles into four categories, but the content was messy and the number of readers was not high. Later, we simplified the articles into two parts and chose interesting topics, so the number of readers increased sharply. b) We explain scientific knowledge in relation to real life. For example, in this article, we described the enzyme as a Transformer, which attracts the audience to read and is easy to understand.
Simply categorize the articles in Wechat public account. For example, we ended up with a project section and a funny science section.
If possible, combine the scientific issues with our real life.
Monthly Magazines
How to make the cooperation of the Monthly Magazines lasting?
The cooperation should be a win-win issue. So, in order to maintain the long-term cooperation, our project should be associated to school activities and the two complement each other.
Drifting Bottle Project
We gave birth to an idea of the Drifting Bottle Project, which was designed to promote the communication between various iGEM teams.
Which approach is better for Drifting Bottle?
Mailing a notebook offline which was filled out by the previous team to the next team.
Through this method of handwritten text and physical delivery, it can make the connection between the teams closer. But it takes a long time to exchange the notebook.
Online Communication APP.
It is very convenient and fast. But this approach lacks the joy of handwriting and design.
Promotion Video
The iGEM committee added a new assessment index to produce a promotion video. However, we have encountered a series of problems.
No.1 Technical Difficulties
We are in lack of the shooting and video editing experience and animation technology.
Solve the first two problems through continuous tests and learning shooting and editing techniques from the website.
Solve animation production problems through outsourcing.
No.2 Geographical Difficulties
There's no way of getting people together due to the pandemic.
Use the form of remote communication (someone to write and someone to shoot).
Integrate video clips shot by members from different regions and add special effects to make it more vivid.
No.3 Conception Difficulties
With everyone owning his unique idea, it’s tough to unify them together to find the optimal one.
Hold more meetings and strengthen the communication, then form the final idea. Plus, since it is inevitable to end up in contradiction due to heated discussion, the leader is responsible for coordination.
No.4 Tight time
After returning to school, team members’ spare times are not scheduled at the same time, which aggravates the shooting situation.
Make reasonable arrangement.
Squeeze out time.
How to hold an online meetup?
1. Application to the iGEM committee.

Enter the official website(on the right side)
Click ”Calendar”→ ‘Meetups&Events’
Follow the instructions
Signals of success: Receive email feedback from the iGEM committee.

P.S. If you need to change the information, send email to the iGEM committee.

2. Ways to borrow and use ZOOM.

Find the ambassador/senior schoolmates with ZOOM account
Let he/she create a room
Get the room password and host password
Enter the room
Click ”Participant”→”Become the host”
Enter the host password
Right click your partners
Set them to ”co-host” (enjoying most of the same rights as the host)
Fig.2 | We have designed an electronic certificate of attendance. Each participant can generate such a picture of the participant card as long as he/she inputs his/her name.

After getting the room link, you can always enter the room and practice before the meetup;
On the day of the meetup, your team must first enter the room and be set as host, avoiding being unable to enter because other teams seize the position;
There can only be one host and more than one co-host. Only the host has the authority to transfer the host position;
The host and co-host could enjoy the right to seamlessly switch the shared-screen. If there are several speakers having a need to display, they should be set as co-hosts firstly;
The host should release the rights of the chat frame so that everyone can communicate on the public frame. The specific operation refers to the prompts.

3. Invite participating teams.

Inform the content and time limit of the presentation
Determine the presentation team
Collect PPT in advance
Determine the presentation sequence
Create an address list for each team
Build a QQ group to notify messages
(Tencent QQ, also known as QQ, is an instant messaging software service and web portal developed by the Chinese tech giant Tencent.)

4. Invite guests.

If he/she is a foreign guest:
Send an email invitation about three weeks in advance and on weekdays;
The email indicates both Beijing time and local time for the meetup;
It is better to state specific questions or directions in advance.

5. The design department.

The logo of this conference
Prizes (game prizes, participating gifts, etc.)
Reference: illow, bookmark, postcard, badge

Patterns need to be customized:
The team and the school characteristics, conference theme, the theme of all the display teams

Design in advance to make time for the production

Fig.3 | Some of the pictures of the badge we designed for the conference.

Fig.4 | Some of the pictures of the postcard we designed for the conference.

6. The propaganda department.

Design the invitation letter
Promotion and conference summary on WeChat official account

7. Activity arrangement.

The host:
Determine the host's words
On-the-spot performance

Team report
Define content and time limit with the presentation team
Collect the PPT of each presentation team in advance
Determine the reporting order according to the content:
the excellent team will be put in the first place, and the host team should be the last

It is better to have a guest make comments in real time.
Please attention: Guest comments will be arranged during the two exhibition periods.

Questions and free talk
Ask the teams to prepare questions in advance
(prevent the awkward silence)

prepare questions in English especially for foreign guests

Interactive games
Various forms:
Difficulty setting:
Few are simple and hard, others are moderate
Quantity setting:
20 questions in 30 minutes

Inform the rules:
After the staff has announced beginning in the chat frame, the first one to type the correct answer wins the prize.
Try to answer the questions in your team in advance to test and adjust.

Plan B should be prepared for the activity arrangement.
Conduct at least two meetup simulations in advance:
Go through the process, check for leaks and fill in the gaps, and check the equipment

During the meetup
Debug in advance
Maintain order in the venue
Record the meetup content and screen
Handle the emergency

After the meetup
Get feedback in the form of questionnaire
Send gift
Summarize and self-examine

How to hold an offline lecture?
1. Determine the purpose and theme of the lecture.
2. Invite the speakers and the audience.
3. The design department:
roll up
4. Determine the time and place of the lecture.
5. Make a clear division of labor:
Host the lecture
Decorate the hall
Maintain order in the venue
Take photos
Fig.5 | One of the pictures of the roll up we designed for the lecture.
During the lecture
Fig.6 | This is the photo of team members and guest.
Debug in advance
Make sure the order of the lecture
Record the meeting content
Handle the emergency
Take photos
After the lecture
Set up an information desk to answer questions from the audience
Restore the hall to its original condition
Get feedback from the audience
Summarize and self-examine
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