Team:Jiangnan China/Prospects

Future for Our Project
For the further project of ours, air monitor could be used to detect the very beginning of the cyanobacteria bloom so as to introduce the sophorolipid into the water.
Future Application of Sophorolipid
The sophorolipid is a promising biosurfactant, in our project, which was implemented to cyanobacteria with different ratios. Moreover, it could be used for recovery of crude oil sludge, remediation of organic pollution, etc., finding the best ratio as well. In addition, a library of sophorolipid could be established to help find the outcome, where we just need to input the stuff and proportion results could be outputted immediately to adapt different applications.
Future Application of Starmerella bombicola
In the metabolic pathways of Starmerella bombicola, FAO1, together with UGTA1 could be mutated to produce the secondary alcohol. [1] However, the activity is low. Therefore, the promoters we implemented perhaps work to help strengthen the activity. What’s more, Starmerella bombicola also could be a promising strain for mixed wine fermentation [2], which is able to increase the efficiency of saccharification and enzyme activity.
Additionally, Pseudomonas sp. was proved to be a strain producing Rhamnolipids. [3] However, the strain itself is pathogenic while Starmerella bombicola is non-pathogenic and resistant to surfactants. Therefore, it could be a more promising microbe for biosurfactant production. For instance, produce Rhamnolipids with the CRISPR/Cas 9 system we have established.
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